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All natural henna tattoos by Sarah Jordan

All natural henna tattoos by Sarah Jordan

Asheville Henna Tattoo Artist Sarah Jordan

Asheville Henna Tattoo Artist Sarah Jordan. Tapestry by Serenity Dyes

Why Henna Power?

  • All natural Henna made with lavender oil and lemon juice (no toxic chemicals)
  • Insured for your protection
  • Your design will last up to 3 weeks with proper care
  • Custom Henna designs inspired by real tattoos (without the pain or hassle)
  • A staggering 11% of all people with tattoos have them removed! Henna tattoos are a temporary alternative
All natural henna by Sarah at Sheetz Fest 2019

All natural henna by Sarah at Sheetz Fest 2019

What is Henna?

Henna, comes from the Lawsonia Inermis bush. When this greenish henna powder is mixed with lavender essential oil, lemon juice and a bit of sugar, it produces a paste that leaves an orange, red or brown stain on your skin.Henna has been used for thousands of years in Egypt, North Africa, India and Pakistan. Intricate designs (called Mehndi) are used in Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Henna designs by Sarah Jordan on the first day of application:

By the second day, after the henna paste has dried and fallen off. Henna shows up darkest on your hands and palms.

all natural henna bat tattoo on the second day

all natural henna bat tattoo on the second day

FAQs about Henna Tattoos

Q. How can I prepare my skin before my first henna application?

A. Using an exfoliating scrub the day before will ensure your henna design will last. I typically prep each person’s skin with alcohol, then do a small patch test on the inner elbow.

Q. Is Henna safe for sensitive skin?

A. I would do a patch-test on your skin since everyone is different. A henna tattoo kit from a store isn’t your best bet, in fact it’s usually not henna at all. That’s why I make my own safe and natural henna paste from scratch using high quality henna powder, lavender oil, geranium oil, lemon juice and a little bit of sugar.

Q. Does Henna stain dark skin?

A. Yes, Henna does not discriminate and will stain dark skin too.

A closeup of Sarah Jordan doing an all natural henna tattoo at Sheetz Fest by Ed3photography

A closeup of Sarah Jordan doing an all natural henna tattoo at Sheetz Fest by Ed3photography

Q. How long do henna tattoos last?

A. For up to 4 weeks! You can make your henna tattoo last longer by keeping the henna paste on for as long as possible and keeping your design dry for up to 24 hours. You can use coconut oil or olive oil and plastic wrap to protect your design when showering or bathing. Your design will naturally shed until you are ready to wet your design.

henna in asheville

All Natural Henna tattoos by Henna Power at the Rad Farmer’s Market

Q. Can women who are pregnant use henna?

A. Pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters can use natural homemade henna (free from chemicals) like the henna I make. I only use lavender and geranium essential oil in my henna, which can be safely used during pregnancy. That said, Evidence suggests that oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, clary sage, and jasmine can cause uterine contractions resulting in miscarriage or preterm labor. If you are pregnant, it’s imperative that you do some research on essential oils before getting a henna tattoo.

Q. Can kids get henna tattoos?

A. I recommend henna for ages 8 and up due to the care it takes to make your henna design last. Parents, I’ll let you decide. Remember it’s tough for a young kid to sit still enough for a henna tattoo design to dry. And it’s very easy to forget about your henna tattoo and rub your eyes with your design! Henna can also stain clothing and bedding if not cared for properly. I don’t recommend henna for kids’ faces for this reason. Face painting and glitter tattoos are fun alternatives.

Q. What is black henna?

A. Black ‘henna’ is toxic and can burn your skin! If someone tries to use black henna on you, run! Black henna is not true henna at all. I make my own all natural henna from scratch using the highest quality henna paste, lavender oil, lemon juice and sugar.

Q. What do you need for a henna party?

A. You’ll need a table and 2 chairs. I bring a table cloth, natural henna supplies and a book of gorgeous henna designs for you and your guests to choose from.

Henna tattoos by asheville artist Sarah Jordan at Sheetz Fest 2019

Henna tattoos by asheville artist Sarah Jordan at Sheetz Fest 2019

Q. Does henna hurt?

A. Absolutely not. Henna is applied with a cone, also called a henna cone, which is sort of like a frosting/pastry bag.

Q. Do you have any henna workshops and events coming up?

A. You can take a henna tattoo class from me at the Firefly Gathering on June 15th. I’m leading Power Symbols, Henna Tattoos and Tea at Asheville Raven and Crone on July 28th, 2019.

Q. How can I find out about upcoming Henna Power events in Asheville?

A. Hop on the waiting list to be notified of other Henna Classes and Workshops in Asheville

Q. What kind of Henna Tattoo designs do you do?

A. Henna Power specializes in bold, modern and edgy henna designs inspired by real tattoos. I love to do portraits in Henna! Of course I have a book full of traditional henna designs as well. I can create just about anything, as long as I can see it.

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