Recent Art Projects: Boston Terrier Portraits and Pop Art Progress

Here’s a few recent paintings and projects I’ve finished. I received ceramic paints as a Christmas gift, so I created this portrait of Rosie the Boston Terrier on a mug:


I created this Boston Terrier Portrait of Rosie on a mug

My friend’s cat literally makes this face so I had to paint it on a mug:

Cat Mug

Cat Mug

I needed to restock my acrylic paints, so in the meantime I used Microsoft Paint Shop and a mouse to draw/paint these fun pet portraits:


ET Sees Rosie the Boston Terrier for the first time

a quick sketch of Rosie using Microsoft Paint

As you can see I have a thing for Boston Terriers.

I also love pop art, so I created this Chihuahua portrait with the bananas that Andy Warhol made famous in the background:

Pop Art Style Chihuahua Portrait

Pop Art Style Chihuahua Portrait

I started another “dogg” portrait of rapper Snoop Dogg last night:

Snoop Dogg Pop Art Painting in Progress by Sarah Jordan

Snoop Dogg Pop Art Painting in Progress by Sarah Jordan

About me: Hi, I’m Sarah Jordan. I’m an Asheville artist known for creating colorful acrylic paintings of local pets and other animals. In addition to painting pet portraits, I love painting in the Pop art style. I am a also professional face painter in Asheville, NC. 

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