Don’t Stop Creating Art, Start Pivoting

Don’t Stop Creating Art, Start Pivoting

As an artist for corporate events, I (up until quarantine) work at local Asheville corporate events and parties doing live painting, henna and face and painting.

When I paint custom pet portraits, I typically paint with a beloved dog on my lap. It’s been so hard not seeing the dogs I usually pet sit for!

asheville pet portrait
Boxer Dog Painting by Sarah Jordan

Recently I was starting to feel REALLY bummed out and  sad because I didn’t realize how much face painting and live painting in Asheville meant to me until I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore (for quarantine). But I never stopped creating.

But instead of not painting or creating altogether, I decided to take my painting online and go digital with pet portraits and other projects.

Here’s a few things I’ve created recently:

I made an album cover for me and Chad in Microsoft paint…we now have a Patreon page.

Asheville pet portraits
Album Cover for my band

Me and Microsoft Paint pet portraits go way back…

Asheville pet portraits
ET Sees Rosie the Boston Terrier for the first time

The Pet Portraits I typically paint look more like this:

Another Microsoft paint Masterpiece…this is one of the many horses who live around here…Contact me here if you’d love a custom pet portrait or animal painting.

asheville portrait artist
I painted this horse portrait in ms paint

I taught my pet chickens how to finger paint. Yeah, for real.

I painted a pet portrait of my chickens in oil pastels. I think they love it!

Tomorrow night Chad and I will be performing some original music (and some fun cover songs) on my Facebook live…it may be the last one for a while because we plan on doing some local house concerts in Asheville once this quarantine is over.

That’s it for now. Contact me to order a pet portrait in Asheville (or anywhere in the USA).

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