Painting a Pet Portrait Live

Painting a Pet Portrait Live

People love to watch me painting at live events (my painting is typically corporate event entertainment in Asheville) so I thought it would be fun to film my pet portrait painting process…as a speed painting.

Pet Portrait Painting Process

This pet portrait is of Minnie, my parents’ mini pincher dog. Not shown is me priming the wood beforehand and sealing the finished painting after it dries…and of course the decades I’ve spent practicing my art 🙂

Contact me if you’d love your own custom painted pet paw-trait!

The finished Pet Portrait

pet portrait artist asheville
Minnie the min pin pet portrait by Sarah Jordan

I also painted a miniature watercolor of an orchid, below. In the above photo you can see the sign I created for The Loverfaces. I don’t fancy myself a watercolor illustrator, more of a wildlife artist who LOVES to paint animals (when I’m not painting on people) but I have fun dabbling. I primarily work with acrylic paints and paint that is meant for skin.

pet painting in asheville
Watercolor orchid by Sarah Jordan, Asheville Artist

This weekend we got to see our friends (the quarantine “rules” have been lifted somewhat here in Asheville)…and their adorable pets. Here I am reunited with Iago, my favorite cat friend.

wildlife artist Asheville
Very unflattering photo of me but the look on Iago’s face is worth it


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