8 Lessons I learned from Working on Psychic Hotlines

8 Lessons I learned from Working on Psychic Hotlines

8 Lessons I learned from Working on Psychic Hotlines

For the last few years, I’ve worked on a Psychic hotline reading tarot cards for on a part-time basis under a pen name. And I still work on the Psychic app when I feel like it.

If you are intuitive, an Empath or wanting to start your own business, read on for my 8 life saving tips.

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Without boundaries, you won’t last in any business, job or relationship, let alone thrive. Boundaries are for you, about what you will and won’t do or accept from others. “These people will destroy you if you don’t have boundaries.”- Psychic Frank Andrews



Get super clear about why you are doing what you do. For example, I wrote my Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book because I couldn’t find an oracle deck that gave direct answers in a clear and blunt manner. I didn’t want fluffy! I wanted real! 

If you are trying to get a sense of worth from your business, work or clients, you will be unbalanced. Not only is this terrible for you but people can tell and will be repelled by you.


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Intuition is real and has saved my life more times than I can count, in every day life and in my tarot readings. Not listening to your intuition can be downright deadly in daily life.

If you don’t listen to your intuition in business, you will work with the wrong people (and get shoddy results). Luckily, intuition is like a muscle and you can work on being more intuitive and psychic (although I wouldn’t even call it work because it’s fun!).

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This comes from The Four Agreements and it applies to any sort of business, especially a spiritual business. You don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s life, so don’t assume their mood/action/behavior is about you.


Once again, any time you work with the public, this lesson applies. Don’t take on other people’s crap, burdens, moods. Psychic protection and cleansing are essential. Plant or buy some sage and use it to cleanse your space.


Any time you blame someone else, you make yourself a victim and give them power over you. Don’t let someone else’s beliefs/moods/words control you.

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Joy has always been my most effective marketing tool, no matter what business I was building. As a result, I have always been pretty successful. Don’t chase clients, money, or fame. Do what makes you happy and let them come to you. People can feel vibrations or vibes. Joy makes you magnetic. Stop hustling and start flowing.

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I knew this from my former career as a mental health counselor but I see proof of it everyday. There is another epidemic going on. It’s a lack of self love. Those who suffer from this affliction are usually people pleasers who let other people push them around. These people have an emptiness within that they try to fill with a partner (this doesn’t work to fill the void because their potential partners are repelled by their neediness).



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Due to this emptiness, many people (especially women), fall prey to what I am calling “twin flame syndrome.” This is the belief that they must jump through hoops, chase their person of interest, and lay down like door mats while their so-called “twin flame” is either ghosting them, avoiding them, abusing them or cheating on them.

The truth: Someone who loves you won’t treat you like dog poo. Can I get an Amen?

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