Best Resources for Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books

Best Resources for Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books

Best Resources for Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books

After I published my latest books, a lot of people started asking me questions about writing and publishing.

I firmly believe “a rising tide lifts all boats,” so here are my favorite resources.

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Writing Your Book

You learn to write by writing. And by reading a ton of books. You can also take a writing course. Check out Leonie Dawson’s 40 Days to a Finished Book Course. She rocks and has sold millions of dollars worth of books so she knows what’s up!

Publishing Your Book

So far I’ve self-published all of my ebooks and paperbacks using Kindle Direct Publishing, also called “Amazon KDP” by most authors. You can publish kids books, coloring books, novels, and even coloring books and more using KDP.

You can even test an idea by putting your ebook up for pre-order! One of my pen names did this and the fact that people are buying “her” book is motivating me to write it.

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Coloring Books, Kids Books and Picture Books

Even though I drew the art for my coloring books and picture books, you don’t have to be an artist to create a coloring book to sell on amazon. That’s right. You can buy graphics on Creative Fabrica and add them to pages you create in canva or other programs.

If you have no idea what you’re doing, you can hire someone on fiverr to help you or you can use the ultimate ebook creator to format everything for you.

You can write a book about ANYTHING. It doesn’t have to be 300 pages. I love to browse amazon for short or low content book ideas.

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Canva has its own tutorials and courses on the platform if you want to learn how to make your own book covers. DIY Graphic designs is another resource.

Marketing & Selling Your Books

After your book is done and on Amazon, the work isn’t over…unless if you’re already famous, you have to actually send traffic to your book. You can do this with Amazon ads or follow my marketing advice below:

Read this book. I learned a TON about book marketing with this little gem:

How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month Selling My Kindle eBooks

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If you wrote a kindle book, I recommend you do a kindle countdown deal to get your book into as many reader’s hands as possible. That way you can get more reviews. This step will make the Amazon Algorithm happy and they will start showing your book to more readers.

Create an Author profile on Goodreads and add your books. You can also start a book club (or zoom book club) around a topic you wrote about.

Build your email list: Put an enticing freebie in your book and ask people to subscribe to your email list to get it. I use mailchimp to manage my email list. It’s free for up to 2,000 contacts.

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The best way to sell your books is to write in or create a series of books. Amazon Best Selling Author Sarra Cannon has sold OVER A MILLION books. She shares her advice here for free!

I’ll write a follow up post answering all of your questions.

Contact me here if you have questions about or need help with any of the following: formatting your book’s interior for KDP, editing, cover creation, keywords, writing your book description, back cover blurb, Amazon categories, pricing or any other amazon publishing step.

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