Small Mediums at Large Book Review: Memoirs of a Psychic Tarot Reader

Small Mediums at Large Book Review: Memoirs of a Psychic Tarot Reader

Small Mediums at Large Book Review: Memoirs of a Psychic Tarot Reader


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This haunting memoir by Terry Iacuzzo vividly shows the reader what it’s like to grow up in a family of Psychics. From synchronized nose bleeds to get out of school, seances in the basement, to reading Tarot cards for thousands of celebrities in New York, Iacuzzo spills it all.

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Terry’s family is an odd bunch. Her sister, Rosemary is a natural born medium who also has the gift of Psychometry (reading objects). Terry’s petulant brother, Frank (her “real mother”) is a gifted psychic who introduces her to Tarot Cards, which she uses to gain popularity with her classmates.

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All the neighborhood women gathered in the Iacuzzo’s kitchen so Terry’s mother could tell them whose husband was being faithful (and whose wasn’t). Terry’s Father could predict horse racing winners.

Terry takes readers from her childhood home to New York, where she has many drug- fueled experiences, dysfunctional friendships and failed relationships. Terry’s life is described as unusual, but readers will relate to her coming-of-age struggles and family drama. Terry’s mother is cold to Terry, yet obsessed with Frank. Terry’s father doesn’t know how to react to Frank’s blatantly obvious homosexuality. While some readers may doubt the validity of Terry’s paranormal tales, the story was gripping and unforgettable.

Mediums: Psychics and Psychedelics

In this section you can see how obsessed Terry’s mother is with Frank, Terry’s brother. Terry describes moving out of her childhood home to New York. You will read all about Terry’s many drug trips, friendships and failed relationships. You’ll laugh and empathize about her odd jobs. And you’ll cheer for Terry when you see her reinventing herself and stepping into her power as a psychic.

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At Large

The last section of the book is also the shortest. This is where you get to experience life through The eyes of Terry as an empowered psychic and Tarot reader. You’ll read all about Terry’s apartment in Little Italy, New York. This is where thousands of people have climbed five flights to consult with Terry.

You will see Terry in action reading for clients. I was so intrigued reading about how she saw actual death in the cards- the sun, the fool, the star, the world, all the freedom cards- but didn’t recognize it until later.

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The Living Tarot:

Terry says she sees “the living tarot” everywhere. I love this term! I’ve noticed that after I really dove into the tarot, I started seeing living representations of the cards in my ‘real life’ too. For example, a pair of nude swimmers in the river was “the lovers” card. And the old silo on the farm nearby is the perfect representation of “the tower” card.

The Good

This book grabbed me because it was a no holds barred peek into Terry’s entire life. It was interesting, educational and at times hysterical. Small Mediums at Large made me feel a little bit less like a weirdo.

I could relate to Terry and her struggles and her story. She is so brave to be so vulnerable.

Not so Good

I didn’t like the fact that Terry had no boundaries. Therefore she continued to think about her clients problems for months or years after reading tarot for them. This is really not healthy. If you are a newbie into the metaphysical reading this book, you may pick up some bad habits.

Of course when Terry was a child, there was no such thing as “psychic protection”. And YouTube or the internet was not invented yet. So I can’t fault Terry for not knowing at the time. However, I have seen some recent interviews with Terry. And she suggests going into readings without an ounce of protection or grounding, in order to feel everything. While I agree you should not numb yourself, you will get super drained, sick or worse if you don’t protect yourself and therefore deeply feel and experience everyone else’s crap.

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I am, of course, speaking from experience. In my past career as a case worker for adults with mental illnesses, I was a wide open clairsentient empath. I knew nothing about boundaries or psychic protection.

As a result, I completely absorbed clients’ thoughts, feelings and pain. And then I would faint around them because it was so overwhelming! A head injury ended my career as a case manager in 2010. Of course, now I’m grateful because I wouldn’t be where I am now if that didn’t happen then. But at the time, it was a very traumatic lesson to learn. Boundaries are your friend! Especially when doing any sort of Psychic work.

Aside from that, I highly recommend the book. (Buy the book here)

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This post contains affiliate links.

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