10 Life Altering Reasons to Create a Coloring Book

10 Life Altering Reasons to Create a Coloring Book

Last year when the pandemic hit, I lost my two biggest sources of income. I was a face painter and henna artist for corporate events and family parties all around Asheville and Beyond.

 I’d been a very-well paid Entertainer (and sometimes instructor) at events on the weekends for nearly 10 years. And for the last 5 years, during the week I was a pet sitter for a select few very special dogs in my home.  Until 2020.

how to make a coloring book
Chillin’ with Tillie, one of my OG pet sitting pals

 After the initial shock wore off, I knew I had to make a change. I knew I had to create some pandemic-proof income.

 So I turned to my art and my writing… and I published a picture book. I worked on the paintings for the book for several months in 2020. 

Then while I was shopping for planners while visiting my parents ( my dad had two major surgeries and survived covid last year!) , It hit me like a ton of bricks: I needed to create a low content book.

DIY coloring book course
Create Coloring Books like this one in less than a week

A low content book can be done in a weekend or less. 

 Between November 2020 and today, I’ve published over 55 low content books and coloring books.  

True to my nature, I can’t just keep this amazing knowledge to myself. I love sharing with others, so the create and publish a coloring book course was born. 

Shout out to my super talented little sister Jen for giving me the push to create the course. She is an AMAZING artist in New York who also has 2 ADORABLE dogs. 

So If you’re thinking about taking the Create and Publish a Coloring Book Course, here are….

10 Life Altering reasons to create a coloring book NOW:

  1. It’s winter and most of the country is still in lockdown or experiencing the effects of lockdown. What else are you going to do besides watch Netflix? Your future self will thank you for taking action.
  2. Making a coloring book is extremely fun, therapeutic and it so much easier than you could imagine
  3.  publishing your coloring book on Amazon will help you create passive income that is pandemic proof
  4. When you join my Posse of AMAZING coloring book creators, you get you get the benefit of me sharing your coloring books with my wonderful audience of thousands of people world-wide
  5. This course is go at your own pace, you can watch it anytime you want to. You can show up and watch the videos in your pajamas while playing with your dogs or kids.
  6. You are an artist, creating a coloring book will help you reach a wider audience with your art
  7. If you’re not an artist, I’m going to share some of my favorite tools for you to create beautiful coloring books very quickly and easily
  8. Publishing your own coloring book will boost your credibility and expertise.  is this because self-publishing is still mysterious to a lot of people and even publishing a low content book is a huge accomplishment
  9. Leave a legacy with coloring book for your kids or family

 Save $100: The create and publish a coloring book course is at an all-time low price because I want to help as many people as possible…and the price is going to go up in a week.

Take a look at The Create and Publish a Coloring Book Course here.

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