Don’t Wait, Commission Yourself

Don’t Wait, Commission Yourself

Don’t Wait, Commission Yourself

If you are any type of creator (dancer, writer, artist, flower arranger, craft doer, etc), it can be tempting to wait for someone to “pick” you and “choose” you and shower you with attention or money before you deem yourself ready or worthy of sharing your creations with the world.

It can be tempting to only deem yourself “legit” if you do this as “your job”, are published by a major publisher, have a million insta followers (insert excuse here)…

I’m here to grab you and shake you and tell you that you are already worthy, ready and the world needs to see the things that bring you joy!

I am NOT a graphic designer, but I commissioned myself to create the things that I wanted others to commission me for: coloring books, oracle decks, portraits of my favorite pets

And something REALLY MAGICAL HAPPENED.…people started to ask me to create for them too. In other worlds, I had to commission myself before other people could commission me. I had to believe in me before other people could.

pet portraits
My first Digital Pet Portrait Commission

I’ve been drawing with a mouse on the computer since I was a kid. I started sharing my creations a few weeks ago.

Over the weekend, I received my first digital pet portrait commission (of the adorable birdy above).

I’m offering digital pet portraits in my colorful and whimsical style at the intro price of $10 (if you want to use them commercially to sell your own products, you can do so by choosing the commercial option and pay a licensing fee).

pet portraits

Free $20 Gift Card

Here’s a $20 Red Bubble Gift Card for adorable stickers and other cute stuff.

Have a look at my Reb Bubble Shop here.

red bubble coupon
You can add your digital portrait to backpacks and other items.

Last Chance to Save $$$

Tomorrow I’m raising the price of the Make and Publish a Coloring Book ecourse. Last chance to grab the basic course for $36 and the deluxe version for $335. Have a look at the course


Coloring pages and more

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