The Artist’s Way Review and Illustrated Notes

The Artist’s Way Review and Illustrated Notes

What is The Artist’s Way?

The first time I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron was about 10 years ago. If you are an artist, writer, or in any other profession that requires creativity, this book is a must read.

My Illustrated Notes showing The Artist’s Way Creativity Process

The Artist's Way Notes

The Artist’s Way Review

As shown in the illustration I created above, The Artist’s Way basically asks you to journal by hand (because the hand is connected to the brain) each morning for 3 PAGES (I know, it’s a LOT!) about anything on your mind. You can literally write your name 500 times if you feel stumped. Just keep writing and the words will come.

Then, once a week take yourself out a solo ARTIST’s DATE. What is an Artist’s Date? You basically go wherever you feel like going without judging yourself. Let yourself wander. Let yourself BE LED.

Oh, and you have to indulge your inner child while out on your solo date. This means if you feel like buying yourself a toy pony, a silly book or a coloring book, do it!

Review of The Artist's Way
Make Your Inner Child Happy and You will be rewarded with loads of creative ideas

My Results from Following the Artist’s Way for over 2 years

I found The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal at a thrift store in San Diego back in 2014. I took it as a sign to follow it. I followed Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way protocol for over 3 years! Of course, you can use any type of paper or notebook to journal in each day.

Since then, I’ve had the following results:

  • Moved to Asheville NC in 2015 with Chad and Ziggy
  • Got represented by several national talent agencies for face painting
  • Created several online courses
  • Connected with dozens of likeminded creative peeps
  • and many more

Of course, I received the above results and more because I took action. But The Artist’s Way book really helped me figure out what I wanted and get me unstuck.

Buy the Artist’s Way Here (This is an affiliate link. I get a bonus at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy the book)

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