Sarah Jordan is an Asheville Face Painter, Henna Artist and Face Gem Artist. Sarah is super passionate about adding sparkle and loads of fun to Asheville events. Sarah works with corporate event planners and families to dazzle guests.

Portrait of Sarah Jordan by Indulge Images at Sheetz Fest 2019

Portrait of Sarah Jordan by Indulge Images at Sheetz Fest 2019

Sarah is also the creator of Henna Power, specializing in modern and edgy  all natural henna tattoo designs inspired by real tattoos.

Sarah’s face and body art helps:

  •  Draw attention to store openings and trade show booths
  • Make corporate events fun (yes, really!)
  • Add joy to birthday parties for kids and adults

“The Journey to Success Isn’t Linear.”

In 2009, a head injury ended Sarah Jordan’s career as a Case Manager for adults with mental illnesses. Post concussion syndrome made it impossible for Sarah to work or even drive temporarily. Dancing and painting was Sarah’s way of coping with post traumatic stress.

Overcoming Challenges

Sarah’s creativity skyrocketed. Sarah used her fine arts background on faces and arms instead of canvas and quickly became Philadelphia’s premier face painter. She loved seeing all the smiling faces on her clients at birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and even weddings. Sarah’s husband Chad was her first face paint model, and he drove her to all of her gigs until she could drive on her own again.

Shape Shifting

Sarah and Chad spent a year in California in 2014. Sarah did a few face painting gigs in San Diego, but it was not enough to make a living anymore. Sarah did the occasional art commission and worked from home as a marketing manager at a publishing company until they moved to Asheville. 

Moving to Asheville

After spending a year in San Diego, Sarah and Chad moved to Asheville in 2015. Sarah  dove head first into art. She is now represented by About Faces Talent Agency as a face painter and Henna Artist for corporate events, store openings and parties. Sarah works with event planners and families in Asheville to add color, fun and sparkle to local events. Sarah’s art has been seen on thousands of faces and bodies, on Billboards and syndicated TV.

Sarah’s recent face and body art clients in Asheville include: The Omni Grove Park Inn, The Asheville Tourists, Eliada Children’s Home, Asheville Edge Lacrosse, Lidl, Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team Ecco, and many more.

When Sarah isn’t painting, bedazzling people or leading Henna workshops in Asheville, She reads tarot cards, travels with her husband Chad, strums a stingray-covered ukulele and takes care of spoiled little dogs.

Sarah’s Mission

Sarah’s mission as an artist is to spread joy, inspire people and to help animals. She is a proud supporter of Brother Wolf and Farmony Safari. Sarah is creating her own Spirit Animal deck of cards inspired by the animals at Farmony in Marshall, NC

“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a sharp knife to it.”- Banksy

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  1. Amazing website, such inspirational 🙂

    I did have a old art-blog too! This made me think of to have that old art blog back. It’s a science-fiction orientated.

    Just wanted to say that these artworks look very cool and nice, you seem to have
    clearly your own style.

    Hopefully you can check my Steemit channel too, saw some of your videos about steemit too!

    • Thanks for checking out my art blog and for the compliments. I’ll check you out on Steemit. Have a great weekend 🙂

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