The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book by Sarah Jordan

The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book by Sarah Jordan

What Is The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book?

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Gain clarity about your love life, your finances and your life path in practical, down to earth terms with absolutely no fluffy bs. Unlike traditional oracle decks or tarot cards that claim to predict the future, The Honest AF Animal Wisdom book shows you how to CREATE the future you want.

How Does It Work?

Simply pick up the book and flip to a page at random to see which animal’s energy you need in order to reach your goals. Each page features a whimsical watercolor painting of a different snarky animal delivering hilarious and honest AF advice.

Who Is This Book For?

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If you’re into divination, fortune telling, tarot decks, astrology or angel cards, this book is bound to be a refreshing delight for you. These adorable, foul mouthed animals will make you squeal with joy as they deliver the clear and straightforward truth you deserve. Expect brutally honest answers with a healthy dash of humor.

Who Is This Book NOT For?

If you’re looking for a sugar-coated oracle card deck from someone claiming to be a witch in a muumuu, this is not it!
Warning: If you are easily offended or turned off by swearing, this book is not for you.

Where Can I Buy the Book?


The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book is available as an ebook and paperback book.

Praise from Happy Customers

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“If you’re looking for some no-nonsense clarity and inspiration, this is the book for you…You will be motivated to take the answers and get moving on what you’re wanting to create. (rather than sitting back and waiting for the Universe to bonk you over the head with answers and hand you what you want.)Get this book, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.”- M. Slawsky”

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“As the world becomes increasingly more harsh as each day passes, the presence of this book and the reading could not have been timed any better. Creativity, animals, and numbers are three of my favorite things that help me stay grounded, and this book delivers all three with prompts for a much more refreshing outlook. I highly recommend investing in yourself in as many lighthearted, yet very real, ways as possible. Don’t just settle for shuffling the deck that life has already dealt you, choose this book to inspire, guide, and tickle your funny bone while facing all that life brings to your a-tension. You’ll be glad you did, in my opinion. “- Oh Yes I Can

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