The Loverfaces covering Space Oddity by David Bowie


The Loverfaces covering Space Oddity by David Bowie (Flashback Post)

Here’s what people are saying about The Loverfaces:

The Loverfaces

You guys are so sweet!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I learned how to play Space Oddity by David Bowie! Consider this a flashback post 🙂

Fun fact: Chad taught me how to play Space Oddity during a road trip to Pennsylvania. We are an indie band located in Asheville, NC.

Most people who know me know that I LOOOOVE David Bowie…and I have loved Bowie ever since I was like 5 years old and saw him in The Labyrinth.

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Sarah Jordan Asheville



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My Best Advice: Too Good Not to Share here


Yesterday I caught inspiration fever and sent out a newsletter sharing what I thought was my best advice.

Here’s what people said about it:

Sarah Jordan Asheville

Sarah Jordan Asheville

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My Best Advice

The world needs your gifts and what you have to offer. You are already good enough.

Perfectionism is the highest form of self-abuse. Although you should strive for excellence, staying invisible and waiting to be “perfect” is a huge disservice to the people who need you.

For example, in 2010 I decided I was already good enough and READY, so I started teaching my own hoop dance classes at a local library. The Classes took off like gangbusters.

I was so in-demand that I created an online course (although the course is no longer for sale, you can find portions of it here) in an attempt to keep up with the demand.

And although I sold my website and have pivoted and changed directions since then, it feels pretty darn good to know that I’ve impacted thousands and thousands of people worldwide with my courses and books (not to mention all the amazing things my students have done: they’ve collectively taught thousands of students themselves) because I had the guts to think that I was already good enough.

You see there is no ready fairy. if you’re waiting until you feel ready to do the thing, you’re going to be waiting forever.

You don’t have to be perfect. You only have to be “better than” your first student.

Don’t be afraid to PIVOT…You don’t have to be married to one job, one career, one passion. You can be MANY different things if you wish.

My husband Chad is a perfectionist when it comes to music. but I deemed myself good enough to play at his level long before he ever agreed with me. Now we have a real band (The Loverfaces) together!

Chad believes that we shouldn’t put any videos out unless if they are absolutely perfect. Let me tell you I put out my own content on the regular and it is far from perfect and because of that I have received:


+ Invitations to perform at events

Sarah Jordan Asheville

+ Invitations to be professionally recorded and to go on podcasts and interviews
+ Incredibly sweet & helpful praise from people who LOVE my music, even though it’s not perfect

Sarah Jordan
+Invitations to teach
+ The satisfaction of proving people wrong 😉

And I am far from perfect!

Date your ideas (this advice I learned from Maru Iabichela). you’re allowed to change your mind!

And so went with the flow and started my own little online ukulele academy.

Two and a half years ago Chad bought me a ukulele for Christmas. And then his band broke up. So I brainwashed myself into believing that playing an instrument was easy for me. And it became easy!

Don’t get me wrong there were nights where my brain was hurting…. but I persisted because I had a vision and a goal….I wanted to be in a “serious band” with Chad.

And I wanted to sing at his level. So I sang to the dogs I pet sit for every day. Now I sing to my pet chickens.

Side note: Chad has been playing instruments and in a real bands for decades longer than me. He sings like a freaking angel. But I DID IT! Because I brainwashed myself into believe I could.

And when quarantine is over, we are going to perform all over Asheville.

You see, up until a few years ago, I always thought I was just “a dancer” and an artist. I thought that music was my sister’s gift and that I wasn’t skilled in that way or think that I could to be good at that too.

But I was wrong. Learning to play an instrument was for me too. And it was one of the best darn decisions I ever made.

You can have it too. Stop waiting for readiness, perfection or some other made up bs excuse. You deserve joy now.

<3, Sarah

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My Neck My Back Parody: My Sage, My Dill (Plant it!)


I turned a dirty song into a love song about gardening

When I saw a drag queen perform to My Neck My Back (lick it) by Khia (and Elle king) I fell in love with the song. The original my neck my back is so dirty I had to make a funny rap parody about gardening called My Sage My Dill. Enjoy this spoof. I love you Khia and I freaking love Elle King!

Here’s what some really kind people said about my song:

My Sage My Dill Lyrics

All you ladies pop your soil like this

Shake your rake: don’t stop, don’t miss

All you ladies pop your soil like this

Shake your rake: don’t stop, don’t miss Just do it, do it

[Chorus] My sage, my dill

Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

[Verse 1]

First, you gotta put your neck into it

Don’t stop, just do it, do it

Then, you roll your hoe

From the soil, back to the front

Then you plant it all till the seedlings bud, lover

Make sure they keep sprouting up, lover

All over your face and stuff

Slow down, you show me so much love

[Pre-Chorus] Do it, do it, do it now Plant it good, plant this garden just like you should Right now, plant it good plant this radish just like you should My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

[Chorus] My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

[Verse 2]

You might roll dubs, you might have G’s

But screw that, lover: get on your knees!

A brat like me moans and screams

“Real thug Misses,” knows what I need!

My garden, so fresh, so clean

So high in the line: I’m green

I know which lover I need

Chad’s green thumbs satisfy me

You try me lover, I’ll make you see

You b*tches ain’t got sh*t on me

[Pre-Chorus] So plant it now, plant it good plant this radish just like you should

(C’mon!) Right now, plant it good plant this radish just like you should

[Chorus] My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

My sage, my dill Plant my radish and my kaaaaaaale

Extended version:

The best food comes from the ground

The soil good: thick, big and long

Slow hoe’in til the crack of dawn

On the X, making faces and stuff

Through the night, making so much love

plants grow when the sun comes up

If you want to learn how to play the ukulele, I’m offering ukulele classes via Zoom.

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Mega Shop Update: art prints galore + more

Yesterday I went on a creativity rampage and added dozens of new adorable notebooks, mugs, tote bags and more functional art gifts to my art shop.

Mega Shop Update: Click each photo to shop around

asheville art

asheville animal illustrator

Self care cat illustration art print

watercolor art gift

My pet chickens watercolor painting on a ceramic mug

animal artist

blue graffiti style chicken prints and more

I added even more cute artsy gifts today as well.

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Painting a Pet Portrait Live

People love to watch me painting at live events (my painting is typically corporate event entertainment in Asheville) so I thought it would be fun to film my pet portrait painting process…as a speed painting.

Pet Portrait Painting Process

This pet portrait is of Minnie, my parents’ mini pincher dog. Not shown is me priming the wood beforehand and sealing the finished painting after it dries…and of course the decades I’ve spent practicing my art 🙂

Contact me if you’d love your own custom painted pet paw-trait!

The finished Pet Portrait

pet portrait artist asheville

Minnie the min pin pet portrait by Sarah Jordan

I also painted a miniature watercolor of an orchid, below. In the above photo you can see the sign I created for The Loverfaces. I don’t fancy myself a watercolor illustrator, more of a wildlife artist who LOVES to paint animals (when I’m not painting on people) but I have fun dabbling. I primarily work with acrylic paints and paint that is meant for skin.

pet painting in asheville

Watercolor orchid by Sarah Jordan, Asheville Artist

This weekend we got to see our friends (the quarantine “rules” have been lifted somewhat here in Asheville)…and their adorable pets. Here I am reunited with Iago, my favorite cat friend.

wildlife artist Asheville

Very unflattering photo of me but the look on Iago’s face is worth it


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