#4 in Horror Short Stories


#4 in Horror Short Stories

Long before I was making my own music and rapping, and even before I became an artist, I was obsessed with writing. Specifically writing scary stories. So I finally published a collection of my short horror stories. And as of today, it’s ranked number 4 in Horror Short Stories on Amazon. (Number 1 is the best, so I’m pretty happy).

#4 in Short Horror Stories on Amazon

Free Til August 5th

Playing Dead and Other Tales of Terror is free until August 5th. Download it now and read it whenever. And if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the free kindle app.

Horror short stories

Creating my Own Oracle Deck

During quarantine I finally created my own oracle deck featuring 44 different animals. I’m in the process of writing the book for it. Here’s a video showing all the cards.

Here’s a screenshot of the video showing the Octopus card.

make your own tarot cards

My watercolor oracle deck

Oracle Cards don’t have a fixed meaning, which is why I decided to create that kind of deck instead of a Tarot Deck. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Tarot, but I thought it would be much harder to create a tarot deck, which has 78 cards. My oracle deck has 44 cards.

Oracle Cards Against Humanity

My concept is WAY different than typical oracle decks. In fact, if an oracle deck and Cards Against Humanity got together, my deck would be their sweet, honest spawn. My cards are going to feature ADORABLE animals with foul-mouths. So if you don’t like swearing, this deck is NOT For you!

Get on the waiting list to grab your own copy when my deck is finished.

How I made my own Cards

I decided to paint my cards using watercolor. I chose watercolor because it dries fast and I’m freaking impatient. I wanted to make my own deck and I wanted it done FAST.

Phase 1: Painting the Cards

I used ultra heavy duty (translation: pricey!) watercolor paper and professional watercolor paints. Then I simply went crazy with the colors. I traced 44 rectangles using a purple plate (it’s like a healing coaster. Nikola Tesla invented the purple energy plate/disk).

make your own deck

Phase 1 in making my own deck of cards

Phase 2: Waiting

Next I had to wait a day for the paint to dry.

asheville horror stories

Phase 2: Waiting for watercolor paint to dry

Phase 3: Drawing

Phase 3 entailed making a list of the 44 animals I wanted to illustrate, one for each card. And then drawing on the cards.

animal illustration Asheville

Phase 3: Drawing the animals

Phase 4: Cutting

I used sewing scissors (I know the cardinal rule of sewing is DO NOT CUT PAPER with sewing scissors, but they are ultra sharp and so precise!) to cut out each card.

Phase 5: Writing

Phase 5 is coming up with all the meanings for the cards and writing them in a book that will go with the deck. I’m about half way done with this step and I’m having so much fun with it! Of course, my impatient ass has already given readings to a few of my friends.

Phase 6: Printing

I’m not there yet, but once the book that will accompany the deck is finished, I will pay a professional to take high quality scans/photos of each card so I can get them printed at high resolution.

From there, I will sell the cards through a print on demand website. In the meantime, hop on the waiting list if you want to get your hands on my deck when it’s ready.

And if you haven’t already done so, download my new horror ebook on Kindle.

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Trippy Art Paintings and Best of June


Trippy New Art

It’s been a strange summer so far. This is reflected in my trippy new paintings below:

Alien Abducting a Cat

trippy art

Aliens abducting cat by Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

Alien Seascape

psychedelic art

Trippy Alien Seascape by Sarah Jordan

Clancy in Wonderland

Midnight Gospel Fan Art

Midnight Gospel Clancy in Wonderland original painting features a trippy tie-dye inspired rainbow spiral watercolor background.

Best of June

Our band, The Loverfaces, recorded quite a few songs in June. Here’s a few fan favorites:

Fly with Me: our Original Song

Thank You for Being a Friend

Gardening is Punk Rock and other Original Songs:

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Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress


Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress

My Dad just had open heart surgery a few days ago. Thankfully it all went smoothly and he will be going home shortly! So I wanted to cover a special song for him for Father’s Day.

What 80’s kid doesn’t LOVE Guns N’ Roses?! So I had to turn this ordinarily gritty song into a slower, more relaxing song.

Chad wasn’t home to star in this video so it’s missing the incredible electric guitar licks and sound quality that Guns N’ Roses (and The Loverfaces) are known for.

Here’s a fun outtake…I would have kept this shot of my pet chicken Clucky in the video, but our neighbors started mowing their lawn and it was super loud.

female vocalist Asheville

Fun outtake from the music video (Sarah Jordan with pet chicken Clucky)

I recorded “Sweet Dad of Mine” on my cell phone and spliced the videos together using good old Windows Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy it!

Work in Progress

I’ve been incredibly tired and burnt out…and hiding from my canvas and paint for several months. I have, however, been drawing my dreams consistently. More on that later.

I also made a hoop dance video for the first time in several years.

Yesterday I caught a burst of inspiration and sketched on a canvas.

Sweet Child O Mine Cover

AVL artist and musician Sarah Jordan with a work in progress

I will paint the canvas by next week…I spent most of today playing music, filming and editing that video (and most of yesterday trying to learn the song, ha ha).

Anyway, here’s the work in progress…it’s a surreal chicken portrait. More to come.

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

GNR Cover female vocal

Sarah Jordan with work in progress painting

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Get new songs by email, it’s free and FUN.

PS. Last week The Loverfaces covered The Golden Girls Theme Song:

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Part 2: Advice for hard times

Part 2: Advice for hard times

A few weeks ago, I shared what I thought was my best advice…and so many people wrote back to me saying it was exactly what they needed to hear. So I’m back again with some advice for hard times.

Advice that others have shared with me and I am passing along.

By the way, I had originally shared the advice in my newsletter, but because so many people said they needed to hear it, I then posted it in my blog, which you are reading now.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, friends:

advice for hard times

Without further ado, here’s some of the best advice part 2, advice for hard times.

Don’t Just Feel Something, DO SOMETHING!

This quote is from Alexandra Franzen:
“When tragic, horrific things happen, feeling “sad” is not enough. Action is required. Fundraising is required. We can’t just feel something. We have to do something.”


Please read this powerful piece by Rachel Rodgers about what you can do to create a better world and help end racism.


“I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life”

Here’s my advice for that conundrum. Because purpose is soooo big and you are expanding and growing and changing every darn day, you don’t have to figure it all out now!

You don’t have to figure out your whole life today. Just figure out what you can do today.

Take it from a multi-passionate human (me, Sarah) who changes identities or personas more often than my idol David Bowie did!

David Bowie

Take it from Bowie: It’s all about CH-Ch-ch-changes

Give Yourself What YOU Need Most

What exactly does that mean? Well, too often we look for validation, praise, love, etc from other people. When you have to give it to YOURSELF first in order to receive it from others.

If you want more love, be your own darn soulmate! You have to nurture, cherish and take care of yourself FIRST in order for others to value you.

If you want to receive more compliments, compliment yourself! Appreciate yourself. Do mirror work!

advice for tough times

Ru Betta Work by Sarah Jordan

Here’s an example: Up until recently, I wanted Chad to take me seriously as a musician. But I had to take myself seriously FIRST!

Story time: In the past, Chad treated our band like a silly joke because most of our old songs were rap songs (😂 so me). But I always knew we could be so much more than that. Pre quarantine, I split my energy and focus a ton. But although I sang to my dog friends and to my chickens, I played video games way more than I played my ukulele because I was usually pretty tired from weekend face painting gigs, especially in the summer heat. Quarantine allowed/forced me to focus on one thing for the first time in my life. And it lit a fire in me!

Sometimes I practice for 5 hours at a stretch. I did vocal exercises everyday. I practiced harmonizing with David Bowie. I accepted that Chad was in another band at the time, so I made my own music. And if I never earn a dime from it, I don’t care…I have to sing and strum. And then Chad’s band broke up in march! And not because of quarantine! I did not immediately swoop in like Yoko Ono, although I was tempted 😉 Chad asked me to do some Facebook live concerts with him and we both realized the Loverfaces need to make musical magic together again. 💜 I take my fun seriously and I aim to inject as much visual delight into performing as possible (you can usually find me surrounded by bubbles and in full costume when I’m at an event, probably from my 10 years as a visual and performing artist in the corporate entertainment industry). But I had to take myself seriously as musician before Chad ever could.

advice for empaths

My first fan was a Chihuahua named Stella. PS. She was deaf.

Start a Kindness Swipe File

I learned this from Chantel Adams back in the day when I took her public speaking program. Basically, anytime someone compliments you online (and in person), take a screen shot and put in a folder on your desktop.

If you have a business, do this with all of your testimonials, praise, etc. When you need a boost or pick me up or are going through hard times, look at the kindness swipe file to lift your mood.

And by all means, SHARE those compliments around. You will notice I post people’s glowing comments about me throughout my blog and website, like this:

empaths heal


Whenever I’m feeling a moment of doubt, I take a look at my testimonials and praise and it helps me see that I’m making a difference whether I feel like it or not.

Be Conscious about What You CONSUME

Every day you are programming your brain and your mind. Choose what you read and watch carefully! If you are highly sensitive or an Empath, or going through your own stuff, it might be a good idea to turn off the news.

What I’m Watching

The Happy Film

Last night Chad and I watched The Happy Film on Amazon prime. The Happy Film was created by an incredible designer named Stefan Sagmeister.

What I loved is that Stefan did not try to put a bandaid over poo…he literally wanted to change! He is super vulnerable about his struggles and it is not a “rah rah” film but SUPER REAL And relatable.

Stefan tries three different modalities to make himself happier for 3 months each: meditation, drugs, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Even if you’re not into any of that, watch it just for the AMAZING visual stimulation alone. Warning: he is foreign and there is some nudity but it’s well worth it.

Here’s a scene from the movie:

the happy film

What I’m Reading, Listening to and Watching:

Before any of the shootings occurred, I was accidentally amplifying black voices by watching Joe Rogan interview Kevin Hart and sharing about it (sychronicity for the win) out of pure inspiration and admiration for Hart.

Kevin Hart broke his back 8 months ago and he is already walking around with less than 12% body fat. He went from being a hustle hustle go-go-go to someone who really values his family and his down time. Although I’m not going to get up like 5 a.m. like Hart, he is what motivated me to start lifting weights again. And I have to say I don’t wake up with back pain anymore.

Kevin Hart advice
In other good books, I’ve been reading How to find Your Yellow Tux by Jesse Cole (affiliate link). Cole is the creator of the Savannah Bananas baseball team. They are more like a circus than a baseball team and that’s why I wanted to read it. I learned about him from one of my sister’s old entrepreneur magazines.

Use Your Library

I am soooo thrilled to find out that I can get books from the library by placing them on hold online and then calling when I arrive. Then the staff leaves the books by the door for me to pick up. I got Chelsea Handler’s new book, Kevin Hart’s book and some natural healing book.


The Book of Joy, (affiliate link) Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by The Dalai Lama. This helped me sooo much during quarantine.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude LITERALLY re-Wires your brain to be happier. SCIENCE BACKS THIS UP!
This is so damn important that I am creating my next online course about it! I’ve been gratitude journaling since 2014. My life has become soooo much happier and richer for it.

Advice from Ru Paul, Hunty

“People are going to talk about you anyway. You might as well do what you want to do!”

Ru Paul quotes

I hope these 9 tips (bits of advice for difficult times) helped you in some way.
Need more support? Contact me with a request for a complimentary energy healing (I am Reiki level 2) from a distance.
I’m available for a limited amount of one-on-one consultation calls or video sessions. Contact me here.
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My Best Advice: Too Good Not to Share here


Yesterday I caught inspiration fever and sent out a newsletter sharing what I thought was my best advice.

Here’s what people said about it:

Sarah Jordan Asheville

Sarah Jordan Asheville

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My Best Advice

The world needs your gifts and what you have to offer. You are already good enough.

Perfectionism is the highest form of self-abuse. Although you should strive for excellence, staying invisible and waiting to be “perfect” is a huge disservice to the people who need you.

For example, in 2010 I decided I was already good enough and READY, so I started teaching my own hoop dance classes at a local library. The Classes took off like gangbusters.

I was so in-demand that I created an online course (although the course is no longer for sale, you can find portions of it here) in an attempt to keep up with the demand.

And although I sold my website and have pivoted and changed directions since then, it feels pretty darn good to know that I’ve impacted thousands and thousands of people worldwide with my courses and books (not to mention all the amazing things my students have done: they’ve collectively taught thousands of students themselves) because I had the guts to think that I was already good enough.

You see there is no ready fairy. if you’re waiting until you feel ready to do the thing, you’re going to be waiting forever.

You don’t have to be perfect. You only have to be “better than” your first student.

Don’t be afraid to PIVOT…You don’t have to be married to one job, one career, one passion. You can be MANY different things if you wish.

My husband Chad is a perfectionist when it comes to music. but I deemed myself good enough to play at his level long before he ever agreed with me. Now we have a real band (The Loverfaces) together!

Chad believes that we shouldn’t put any videos out unless if they are absolutely perfect. Let me tell you I put out my own content on the regular and it is far from perfect and because of that I have received:


+ Invitations to perform at events

Sarah Jordan Asheville

+ Invitations to be professionally recorded and to go on podcasts and interviews
+ Incredibly sweet & helpful praise from people who LOVE my music, even though it’s not perfect

Sarah Jordan
+Invitations to teach
+ The satisfaction of proving people wrong 😉

And I am far from perfect!

Date your ideas (this advice I learned from Maru Iabichela). you’re allowed to change your mind!

And so went with the flow and started my own little online ukulele academy.

Two and a half years ago Chad bought me a ukulele for Christmas. And then his band broke up. So I brainwashed myself into believing that playing an instrument was easy for me. And it became easy!

Don’t get me wrong there were nights where my brain was hurting…. but I persisted because I had a vision and a goal….I wanted to be in a “serious band” with Chad.

And I wanted to sing at his level. So I sang to the dogs I pet sit for every day. Now I sing to my pet chickens.

Side note: Chad has been playing instruments and in a real bands for decades longer than me. He sings like a freaking angel. But I DID IT! Because I brainwashed myself into believe I could.

And when quarantine is over, we are going to perform all over Asheville.

You see, up until a few years ago, I always thought I was just “a dancer” and an artist. I thought that music was my sister’s gift and that I wasn’t skilled in that way or think that I could to be good at that too.

But I was wrong. Learning to play an instrument was for me too. And it was one of the best darn decisions I ever made.

You can have it too. Stop waiting for readiness, perfection or some other made up bs excuse. You deserve joy now.

<3, Sarah

PS. There is a part 2 and part 3 of this advice. If you want to hear it, add yourself to my free email club and get it in your inbox.


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