Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress


Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress

My Dad just had open heart surgery a few days ago. Thankfully it all went smoothly and he will be going home shortly! So I wanted to cover a special song for him for Father’s Day.

What 80’s kid doesn’t LOVE Guns N’ Roses?! So I had to turn this ordinarily gritty song into a slower, more relaxing song.

Chad wasn’t home to star in this video so it’s missing the incredible electric guitar licks and sound quality that Guns N’ Roses (and The Loverfaces) are known for.

Here’s a fun outtake…I would have kept this shot of my pet chicken Clucky in the video, but our neighbors started mowing their lawn and it was super loud.

female vocalist Asheville

Fun outtake from the music video (Sarah Jordan with pet chicken Clucky)

I recorded “Sweet Dad of Mine” on my cell phone and spliced the videos together using good old Windows Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy it!

Work in Progress

I’ve been incredibly tired and burnt out…and hiding from my canvas and paint for several months. I have, however, been drawing my dreams consistently. More on that later.

I also made a hoop dance video for the first time in several years.

Yesterday I caught a burst of inspiration and sketched on a canvas.

Sweet Child O Mine Cover

AVL artist and musician Sarah Jordan with a work in progress

I will paint the canvas by next week…I spent most of today playing music, filming and editing that video (and most of yesterday trying to learn the song, ha ha).

Anyway, here’s the work in progress…it’s a surreal chicken portrait. More to come.

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

GNR Cover female vocal

Sarah Jordan with work in progress painting

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Get new songs by email, it’s free and FUN.

PS. Last week The Loverfaces covered The Golden Girls Theme Song:

Sharing is Caring

Silkie Chicken Fever

I’ve wanted a silkie chicken since I first laid eyes on those fluffy little cuties. They’re like the Pomeranian or Pekingese dogs of the chicken world.

Here’s some of my dog friends (that I pet sit) who look like silkies:

Aside from their fluffy cuteness, silkies are known for being super cuddly. Like a DOG! Behold…Chad holding a silkie chick that belongs to Kitty.

silkie chicken
Chad holding one of Kitty’s Silkie chicken babies

What you seek is seeking you…

Then my friend Kitty got 5 silkie chicks…and my dream got even closer! The photo above is Chad holding one of the chicks, which I affectionately named Stripe already.

My plan was to introduce Chad to the chickies so he would fall in love and agree to let me get a silkie 🙂

At first Chad said we have enough chickens already. Meet our chicken gals. But they’re like potato chips…you always need more 😉

Future Silkie Father: Chad

Here’s some beautiful horses we saw on the way to Wade and Kitty’s house…

Look at that horse’s ass

And I’m reaping aLLLL the benefits

My silkie dream plan sort of worked. Kitty is not planning on keeping all of the silkies when they grow up…so we’re going to buy two of them and keep them IF our existing chickens accept them and allow them to live in the same coop. Yay!

I plan on naming them Tillie Rose and Maggie Lulu Stripe or Maggie Lulu Gizmo (it depends in we get a striped one) after some of my dog friends.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens…

Sharing is Caring