Comics, Cartoons and Animal Illustrations of Rebel and Friends by Sarah Jordan

As a kid I always loved reading the comics that come with the Sunday newspapers, especially the Peanuts and Garfield Comic Strips.

So naturally I drew my own comics featuring Rebel and all of his friends. Stay tuned for more.

funny dog memes
Rebel is my Italian greyhound chihuahua mix.

Rebel not only stars in his own comics, but he will soon have his own line of ADORABLE notebooks and other goodies (move over Hello Kitty, Rebel is coming for you!)


We adopted Rebel in September 2020. He is a 2 year old Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix. Here he is with his favorite lamb stuffed toy, and all the cute foods he wishes he could eat…

cute animal comics
Rebel is sweet yet naughty


Spooky is one of our youngest chickens. Here is a comic of Spooky with some of her favorite things. (Spooky was inspired by one of our pet chickens. In real life, we do not give any of our pets candy.)

Spooky from Rebel and Friends by sarahjart


Stella is our sassiest and most vocal chicken, so the cartoon Stella is in a punk rock band and plays bass.

cute animal cartoons
The real Stella is not allowed to drink coffee, but she LOVES FRUIT!

Stay tuned for adorable notebooks & other goodies featuring Rebel and Friends

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