Guitar Lessons + Bass Lessons

Guitar Lessons + Bass Lessons

Hey there future guitar player,

Grab your guitar (I can recommend a good one for ya) and and get ready to learn:

  • essential guitar chords, tuning and posture
  • strumming patterns
  • your favorite songs

All from the comfort of your home, via Zoom.

Private Guitar lessons with expert guitar player Chad Jordan via Zoom. Each lesson is tailored to your ability and interests.

Interested in lessons? Hop on the waiting list.

Want to play bass instead? Chad can teach you that too! Use the same blue link above to pay.

After you pay, Chad will contact you via email to set up your first lesson.

About your instructor, Chad Jordan

asheville guitar lessons
Chad Jordan

Chad Jordan is a songwriter, musician and performer with over 25 years experience. Chad lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife Sarah and their  pet chickens on a mini farm.

Chad started playing in punk bands as a young teenager in the mid 90s, then slowly mellowed from indie rock to a more acoustic folk sound. Having switched between genres, his songs still maintain a subtle edge of his earlier influences.

Chad plays guitar, bass, harmonica, dabbles in drums, ukulele and mandolin.

Chad plays solo songs and is also in an indie band, The Loverfaces, with his wife Sarah.

Want to learn your favorite cover songs?

Sarah made me do this:

This is for you if:


  • want to learn how to play guitar or bass
  • are either a beginner or intermediate level guitar or bass player looking to perfect your technique, learn some of your favorites songs and give yourself an edge

Why learn to play the guitar?

  • It’s fun and relaxing (relieves stress)
  • Learning an instrument makes you smarter and protects your brain against Alzheimers
  • Learn how to perform (if you wish) for friends, family, and more

About Chad’s Teaching Style (from Sarah’s perspective)

  • Chad bought me a ukulele less than 3 years ago and I am already playing fairly close to his level (he’s been playing for nearly 3 decades!) because he makes sure I am playing CORRECTLY
  • Chad is down to earth and kind, but when it comes to music, he won’t coddle you…. as a result you will improve very quickly because he will show you exactly how to improve
  • Chad can listen to any song and then magically play it by ear…so if you want to learn a certain song but you can’t find the chords, Chad is the teacher for you!



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