How to Have a Henna Tattoo Party

How to Have a Henna Tattoo Party

Hi, this is Sarah, the creator of and Henna Power. Today I’m going to show you how to have a henna tattoo party.

Here’s What You’ll Need for Your Henna Tattoo Party:

  • Set your party date and invite your friends (Henna is recommended for ages 8 and up)
  • You’ll need a table and chairs and party refreshments
  • A henna artist (he or she will usually bring a book of henna tattoo designs, also called henna patterns)
  • Optional: Choose a party theme

How to Find a Henna Artist:

  • Search for the following phrases in Google: “Henna tattoo near me”, “henna artist near me”, “henna places near me”, “places to get henna tattoos”
  • You may need to add your city. For example: “Places to get henna tattoos in Asheville”
  • Make Sure Your Henna Artist Uses Natural Henna, not Black Henna. Ask!
  • Learn about henna tattoo care

Don’t want to throw your own party? Come to my Power Symbols, Henna Tattoo and Tea workshop at Raven and Crone.

If you can’t find a Henna Artist Near You, Please Don’t Buy a Henna Tattoo Kit unless if you are 100% sure it’s not black henna!

Your henna artist will usually come with a book of Henna designs for you to choose from. I bring a book of designs and I also love to customize my henna art to match each party theme.

Ready to have your own henna tattoo party?

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I’m a Face Painter and Henna Artist in Asheville, NC. Contact me for a custom quote for your event in Asheville and beyond. 

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