Our Chickens

Our Chickens

Our Chickens

We are The Loverfaces and we live on a mini farm right outside of Asheville. I always thought it would be cool have some pet chickens but never really thought we’d actually get them…Until we found the most amazing property that came with 5 chickens!

Clucky Von Waddles

Woke sweetheart, Spokeschicken for Glory View homestead

Clucky is a white chicken with brown feathers. Clucky walks slowly and waddles affectionately when she tries to run. When she got poopy butt syndrome (it’s a thing that chickens get), I nursed her back to health. She tolerates petting and baths. Clucky’s favorite snack is coconut oil.

Stella Featherbottom

Guard Chicken, Opera Singer, Diva

Stella is a black Australorp chicken with puppy dog eyes. This chicken LOVES music and she loves to sing! I named Stella after a chihuahua friend with similar traits. Stella is our noisiest chicken. She will scream for her favorite snack: strawberries. She is a straight up Diva who demands your respect.

Henrietta Scramblemore

Pack leader, Head bitch, Staring contest champion

Henrietta is the pack leader. She is our biggest chicken with a giant red comb that now flops over. Henrietta’s hobbies include gazing into shiny surfaces (mirrors, phones), taking extreme close-up selfies and making sure the other chickens are in line. Her favorite snack is grass and coconut oil.

Spooky Houdini

Scrappy Underdog, Olympic track champion, Escape Artist

Spooky is our little orange and black Halloween chicken with a tiny mohawk comb and Scrooge Mcduck sideburns. Spooky’s favorite snack is whatever she can get her claws on. She outruns all the other chickens and steals food from them for fun. She loves to fly out of the coop when we aren’t looking. Spooky almost got eaten by our neighbors’ dog because Chad thought it was a good idea to let the gals free-range without supervision. Spooky outran the dog and hid at the bottom of our hill until the coast was clear.

Boo Featherbottom

Wrestling champion, Fights Dirty

Boo no longer lives here. We gave Boo to our friends Joe and Anne (on their 12-acre farm) because Boo is a nasty brat who tried to kill Spooky multiple times. Boo is an Australorp with low self-esteem, which explains the bullying. I visited Boo at Joe’s farm recently and she got all excited to see me. Now Boo has to share food with dozens of other chickens instead of just 4.

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