Pop Mart Fan Art Contest Submission

Pop Mart Fan Art Contest Submission

Pop Mart is having a fan art contest! Last night I saw Vania from Suupeergirl share her cuuuute submission on Instagram. (I’m taking her Illustrated Brand Course on Domestika). That’s how I discovered the contest.

So I smiled at the synchronicity (earlier I pulled the bat spirit animal card, which means I need to let something go-I’ll share what it is later) and began drawing my version of Pop Mart’s adorable Yoki Gemstone character.

I’ve never participated in a fan art contest before, but it was super fun! I’ll definitely be on the look out for similar contests in the future.

Here’s my finished kawaii bat illustration:

kawaii bat illustration for pop mart fan art contest submission
To see my full illustration process from concept to finished digital illustration, check out my Create and Publish a Coloring Book course.

The drawing contest winner will be announced on February 14th. For details on how to enter, visit Pop Mart Global on Instagram.

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