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Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is a prolific Asheville artist who creates in a variety of mediums including: whimsical original paintings, prints + home decor, music and writing.

Sarah lives on a mini farm outside of Asheville with her husband Chad. Sarah sharpened her ukulele skills by performing for her favorite furry friends over the last four years. When Sarah isn’t playing music, painting or writing about herself in third person, she is a pet sitter for tiny dogs.

The Loverfaces

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of married couple Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Listen to more of our music.

We play original music and cover songs from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond.

What We’re Known For

The Loverfaces are known for their incredible vocal harmonies.

About Chad

The LoverfacesChad Jordan is a songwriter, musician and performer with over 25 years experience. Chad started playing in punk bands as a young teenager in the mid 90’s, then slowly mellowed from indie rock to a more acoustic folk sound. Having switched between genres, his songs still maintain a subtle edge of his earlier influences. Chad is also an avid gardener and software developer.

About Sarah

the lover faces asheville

Sarah Jordan at Sheetz Fest 2019

While Chad strives for musical excellence + rhythmic perfection that comes from his decades of music experience, Sarah is relentlessly creative. She lives to entertain, uplift, surprise and mesmerize through her visual art and musical creations.

Prior to quarantine (it feels so strange to write that), Sarah was pretty well known for Asheville corporate event entertainment including: live painting (mostly wildlife + pets + animal illustration), face painting and all natural henna for corporate events in Asheville and beyond.

But the show must go on, so Sarah continues to paint and create colorful art on canvas…check it out here.

Asheville indie band

Sarah Jordan’s animal illustrations

Sarah regularly shows up to events in full costume and with a bubble machine in hand, much to the delight of every guest.

The Loverfaces Asheville

Sarah Jordan takes FUN seriously… photographed by Kim Zier

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The Loverfaces Asheville

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The Loverfaces covering Rivers and Roads


The Loverfaces are booking shows at Asheville Farmers Markets, small outdoor house concerts and other events where music lovers gather (from 6 feet away to observe social distancing). Contact us for booking.

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Our Fans voted and this pic of us winning Halloween last year is probably our next album cover…

The Loverfaces Asheville

The Loverfaces Future Album Cover?