Trippy Art Paintings and Best of June


Trippy New Art

It’s been a strange summer so far. This is reflected in my trippy new paintings¬†below:

Alien Abducting a Cat

trippy art

Aliens abducting cat by Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

Alien Seascape

psychedelic art

Trippy Alien Seascape by Sarah Jordan

Clancy in Wonderland

Midnight Gospel Fan Art

Midnight Gospel Clancy in Wonderland original painting features a trippy tie-dye inspired rainbow spiral watercolor background.

Best of June

Our band, The Loverfaces, recorded quite a few songs in June. Here’s a few fan favorites:

Fly with Me: our Original Song

Thank You for Being a Friend

Gardening is Punk Rock and other Original Songs:

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Sharing is Caring

Mega Shop Update: art prints galore + more

Yesterday I went on a creativity rampage and added dozens of new adorable notebooks, mugs, tote bags and more functional art gifts to my art shop.

Mega Shop Update: Click each photo to shop around

asheville art

asheville animal illustrator

Self care cat illustration art print

watercolor art gift

My pet chickens watercolor painting on a ceramic mug

animal artist

blue graffiti style chicken prints and more

I added even more cute artsy gifts today as well.

Sharing is Caring