Trippy Art Paintings and Best of June


Trippy New Art

It’s been a strange summer so far. This is reflected in my trippy new paintings below:

Alien Abducting a Cat

trippy art

Aliens abducting cat by Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

Alien Seascape

psychedelic art

Trippy Alien Seascape by Sarah Jordan

Clancy in Wonderland

Midnight Gospel Fan Art

Midnight Gospel Clancy in Wonderland original painting features a trippy tie-dye inspired rainbow spiral watercolor background.

Best of June

Our band, The Loverfaces, recorded quite a few songs in June. Here’s a few fan favorites:

Fly with Me: our Original Song

Thank You for Being a Friend

Gardening is Punk Rock and other Original Songs:

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True Affection Cover with Pet Chickens

True Affection Cover with Pet Chickens

Done, not Perfect

I’ll admit this is not my best singing ( my nose is like 90 percent blocked because I have a cold) but my chickens and the weather were cooperating and I’m practically glowing.

I’ve always loved True Affection by the Blow. This is my cover on Ukulele. My pet chickens are clucking in their tunnel and seem to enjoy the music.

Other Recent Tunes

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Mega Shop Update: art prints galore + more

Yesterday I went on a creativity rampage and added dozens of new adorable notebooks, mugs, tote bags and more functional art gifts to my art shop.

Mega Shop Update: Click each photo to shop around

asheville art

asheville animal illustrator

Self care cat illustration art print

watercolor art gift

My pet chickens watercolor painting on a ceramic mug

animal artist

blue graffiti style chicken prints and more

I added even more cute artsy gifts today as well.

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Painting a Pet Portrait Live

People love to watch me painting at live events (my painting is typically corporate event entertainment in Asheville) so I thought it would be fun to film my pet portrait painting process…as a speed painting.

Pet Portrait Painting Process

This pet portrait is of Minnie, my parents’ mini pincher dog. Not shown is me priming the wood beforehand and sealing the finished painting after it dries…and of course the decades I’ve spent practicing my art 🙂

Contact me if you’d love your own custom painted pet paw-trait!

The finished Pet Portrait

pet portrait artist asheville

Minnie the min pin pet portrait by Sarah Jordan

I also painted a miniature watercolor of an orchid, below. In the above photo you can see the sign I created for The Loverfaces. I don’t fancy myself a watercolor illustrator, more of a wildlife artist who LOVES to paint animals (when I’m not painting on people) but I have fun dabbling. I primarily work with acrylic paints and paint that is meant for skin.

pet painting in asheville

Watercolor orchid by Sarah Jordan, Asheville Artist

This weekend we got to see our friends (the quarantine “rules” have been lifted somewhat here in Asheville)…and their adorable pets. Here I am reunited with Iago, my favorite cat friend.

wildlife artist Asheville

Very unflattering photo of me but the look on Iago’s face is worth it


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Fly with Me into the Eye


Last year Chad and I wrote a song called Fly with Me. Last night we (The Loverfaces) performed the song (and many others) for a home concert via Facebook.

Fly with Me by The Loverfaces

This is the wooden sign I painted for our concert:

Art and Music Asheville

The Loverfaces sign by Sarah Jordan

And Chad drew this picture to go with our song:

Fly with Me The Loverfaces

Fly with Me by The Loverfaces

Normally there would be an adorable dog or two jumping on us but since we are quarantined, we are on a forced break from pet sitting. I miss my dog friends so much!

In the meantime, I have been singing to my pet chickens…

Of course I painted their portraits too:

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