Coming Soon: Oracle Cards Against Mundanity


Coming Soon: Oracle Cards Against Mundanity: The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Deck

An Oracle Deck and Cards Against Humanity had a love child. This deck is it!

I’ve always wanted to create my own Tarot or Oracle Deck. As an oracle card junkie, I have a drawer filled with them. But I wanted something more than woo woo feel-good fluff.

As someone who is BLUNT, I wanted cards that are cute, but cut to the truth of the matter. Not cards that leave me scratching my head saying, “wtf is the answer then?”

And I didn’t want to predict some imaginary future…so I created oracle cards that show you how to CREATE the future you want, in no uncertain terms.

Behold, here are some of the Honest AF Animal Wisdom Cards. I’m in the process of having the booklet and box formatted.

Oracle Cards Against Mundanity


The Offical Oracle Cards Against Munadity Page

Oracle Cards Against Mundanity will be for sale on thegamecrafter.

Yes! Notify me by email when I can buy.

How I Made My Own Oracle Cards

Want to see how I created the cards from start to finish? Check out this post where I share my process and step by step photos.

Flashback Friday

The other day Chad’s Dad was asking him how he made the prize-winning Carry Me Robot Illusion Halloween Costume. I reminded Chad we actually made this DIY Halloween costume¬†tutorial a few years ago. Enjoy!

Need some more Halloween Inspiration? Check out my Sugar Skull Face Painting Tutorial. 

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Bedazzling Artist at the Omni Grove Park Inn

Bedazzling Artist at the Omni Grove Park Inn

Last night I got to bedazzle hundreds of Verizon employees with gemstones for a corporate event at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Ordinarily I paint faces, but bedazzling faces was super fun and so fancy!

Here’s a photo of some of the Verizon employees showing off their bedazzled faces (and my gemstone studded face in the center).

Asheville Artist Bedazzles at Corporate Event

Asheville Artist Bedazzles at Corporate Event

Contact me for face painting and corporate entertainment in Asheville, NC and beyond. 

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