How to Paint Feathers Boho Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Feathers Boho Painting Tutorial

Learn how to paint feathers with Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan:

Here’s a list of painting supplies I used:

❤︎Grab a set of acrylic paint (red, blue, yellow, white and black) for under $20

❤︎ Paint brushes 

❤︎ Canson Mixed Media paper

❤︎Affordable canvas set

❤︎Become a co-creator, buy some art.

❤︎ Check out Chad’s music (used with his permission of course) ❤︎

In other news…

I found an amazing free app that helps raise money for your favorite animal charity. Best of all, you don’t have to ask people to donate to your cause, simply download the free resqwalk app, hit start, and go. It’s totally free too.

Chatterbox Abstract Acrylic Mushroom Painting

Last night I was painting on my acrylic abstract art that I made (abstract painting tutorial here). I started painting it sideways, then upside down, and then I realized I could turn the stem/trunks into the bottoms of mushrooms, and of course the polka dots lend themselves to mushrooms as well.

Chatterbox Abstract Mushroom Painting by Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

Chatterbox Abstract Mushroom Painting by Asheville Artist Sarah Jordan

I call this mushroom painting “Chatterbox” because I find it fascinating that mushrooms can actually communicate with each other and other plants.

I was inspired by the polka dots on a monarch butterfly. I love the contrast of little white dots on a black wing or background. This painting started out as a very abstract painting  and I’ve combined it with feathers for a fun and whimsical bohemian look. I will eventually add some mushroom prints to my art shop.


In case I haven’t already said it 500 times, I’m creating my own Spirit Animal oracle deck, and this mushroom painting is going to be a part of it.


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Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party

Happy Monday!

On Sunday I was face painting in Asheville at a Unicorn party. Even some of the parents got in on the face painting fun. One of the Dad’s asked me to paint Prismo from Adventure Time. He’s not a unicorn, obviously 🙂

Here’s some photo from the Unicorn party:

Painting at a Unicorn Party

Some of my Paintings from Sunday’s Unicorn Party in Asheville

Side note, you can book me here for face painting in Asheville. 

Speaking of unicorns, I wore my custom rainbow unicorn horn (created by Henna True artist Crissy Depina). All the kids at the unicorn party went crazy (in a good way) over it. The horn is tiny but mighty.

Unicorn Party hostess

Unicorn party hostess- notice the tiny unicorn horn

On Saturday Chad had his first solo show (in a while) at Odd’s Cafe, so it was an art and music-filled weekend.

A photo from Chad's show

A photo from Chad’s show

What else is on my canvas or plate? I’m creating my own animal oracle deck featuring my artwork. I also have some online painting tutorials in the works.

I finally listed some digital download prints and framed art in my Etsy shop. More coming soon.

Amethyst Crystal Printable Wall Art, Digital Print, Digital Download, Gift for Mom

Amethyst Crystal Printable Wall Art, Digital Print, Digital Download

Sharing is Caring