The Animal Wisdom Series

The Animal Wisdom Series

What is The Animal Wisdom Series?

The Animal Wisdom Book series is a series of delightful and affordable guided notebooks jam-packed with helpful daily prompts and ADORABLE covers, all with original art by Sarah Jordan.

The Animal Wisdom Series Includes the following books
Book #1: Animal Wisdom To Do List Book

Clucky says buy the book

The Animal Wisdom To Do List Book is a 100 page book with undated daily checklists so you can GET STUFF DONE. The pale blue cover features an chicken, so you never forget to bring this 6×9 travel-sized notebook with you. Ideal for writing grocery lists, to do lists and keeping track of daily tasks. Makes a great gift for the person who loves to be organized.

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Book #2: Animal Wisdom Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal
Thanks Queen

The Animal Wisdom Gratitude Journal is a notebook with prompts where the reader can write down multiple happy memories each day. Includes prompts for things you did, who you were with, etc. Return to the pages daily when feeling stressed and pick a memory to meditate on. Studies show that a daily gratitude practice can improve your health and happiness. Makes a great gift for mindful people of all ages.

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Book #3: The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book

Gain clarity about your love life, your finances and your life path in practical, down to earth terms with absolutely no fluffy vague answers. Unlike traditional oracle decks or tarot cards that claim to predict the future, The Honest AF Animal Wisdom book shows you how to CREATE the future you want.

Available on Kindle and Paperback

Book #4: Animal Wisdom Daily Diary

The Animal Wisdom Daily Diary is a 100 page lined notebook for you to take notes, doodle and write to your heart’s content. Bold green cover features a beautiful rainbow macaw parrot (affectionately named Eggbert after the pelican who lived in my Grandma’s pool) riding a bike. Makes a great gift for animal lovers and for those who love writing.

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Book #5: Animal Wisdom Self Care Journal for Women

Ziggy lives on<3

The Animal Wisdom Self Care Journal For Women is here to make sure you take care of yourself first. If you’ve ever fed your pets and kids and family, cleaned your house, worked all day and forgot to EAT or drink, then queen, you need this book! The daily Self Care checklist section is here for you to check off the things you did for your own self care each day, plus expand on those ideas in more detail. There’s even space for you to set a mantra to focus on during the routine such as, “I am confident and capable” or “I am relaxed.” can I get an AMEN? At the bottom of the list there is a calendar for you to check off the days you complete the routine. The dog art on the cover represents being serene (like my old pal Ziggy <3) so you can relax and receive.

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Book #6: Animal Wisdom Sketchbook

Draw in me

The Animal Wisdom Sketchbook is 100 pages of blank, unlined paper for you to let your creative ideas run wild! Artists and creative people who love drawing will enjoy doodling, writing, sketching and more in this travel sized 6″ x 9″ notebook that fits into your purse, suitcase or large pockets. The green cover features a hand drawn unicorn by Sarah Jordan, which represents good luck. Each page features a rectangular frame with rounded corners to provides a crisp, clean open space to draw in.

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Book #7: Animal Wisdom Password Tracker

deer art by Sarah Jordan
Your granny needs this

Most security professionals would not recommend writing your passwords in a book, but my readers asked for a password tracker logbook. Create a full book for passwords at your own risk, or your Grandma can fill this out and hide it in a secure and secret place.

Passcode logbook is recommended ‘less critical’ passwords. An alternative way to use this is to keep track of passwords for homeschool or educational purposes.

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Book #8: The Animal Wisdom Dream Journal

Beam me up Scotty!

The Animal Wisdom Dream Journal is the perfect place to record your dreams each morning. 100 page lined dream diary notebook cover features an alien beaming up a cat with whimsical artwork by Sarah Jordan. Makes a great gift for people who loves cats or aliens. Book # 8 in the Animal Wisdom Series.

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