Tis the Season for Halloween Paintings

Tis the Season for Halloween Paintings

Last night there was a chill in the air. So today I dragged my easel outside and sketched one of my pet chickens wearing a witch hat. This is Clucky. Clucky stars is plenty of my other pet portraits.

Halloween paintings

Chicken wearing a witch hat illustration by Sarah Jordan

Whimsical Animal Art

Here’s the finished Halloween painting. I added a ghost peaking out of the barn, a black cat. And Clucky is sitting on a pumpkin.

animal illustration asheville

Witch please, Clucky is ready for Halloween

This painting is available for sale here

In Other Halloween News

Last month I published a book of scary stories. I’m still writing the book that goes with the oracle deck I created.

I felt like I didn’t really create much during quarantine, but looking back…I painted over 50 original paintings (44 of them are for my oracle deck), wrote and released a music album on sound cloud, wrote a handful of original ukulele songs, created a few music videos and learned a bunch of songs with Chad for our band The Loverfaces, and I published a new book.

Support Local Artists with Fashionable Facemasks

If you’re looking for a not so basic face mask to show off your personality while supporting local artists, check out these face masks featuring my whimsical animal illustrations:

unique face mask

Halloween Cat Face Mask by Sarah Jordan Asheville Artist

artsy face masks

White Owl face mask by Sarah Jordan

How to Stick to Creative Goals

I’d admit that during quarantine I truly wanted to live like a sloth on the couch. But the artist in me knows that if I don’t create, I will die. That’s how it feels anyway.

I stayed productive creatively by quitting social media for a few months…now I only check in once a month or so. I didn’t miss out on anything. Plus I wasn’t pet sitting or face painting or writing for clients due to the pandemic. So my schedule was pretty open. I only allow myself to watch TV at night. And I do not watch the news EVER.

Last weekend I pet sit for the first time in 6 months! My pal Tillie (chihuahua) stayed for 5 nights. Chad and I are ready to get our own dog soon.

pet paintings asheville

Chillin’ with Tillie


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