Ukulele Classes

Ukulele Classes

Hey (future ukulele) players,

Grab your ukulele (need one? I can recommend an affordable ukulele for you), bring your enthusiasm and get ready to learn:

  • basic ukulele chords
  • easy to learn strumming rhythms and
  • MODERN songs for the uke with your down-to-earth instructor Sarah Jordan! 
learn to play ukelele
Sarah Jordan + chihuahua pal Stella playing the ukulele

I’m offering private Ukulele lessons via Zoom. Add your name to the waiting list.


This is for you if:

You are:

  • An absolute beginner OR
  • Someone with a litlte ukulele experience but you need to learn the basics (how to play the chords correctly, the strumming patterns, correct technique)

You want to:

  • Learn how to play modern beginner songs (forget about Where is Thumpkin and Three Blind Mice!) we are going to start with catchy, fun MODERN songs that you hear on the radio
  • Learn how to play a certain song that you like (I love to turn rap songs into Ukulele masterpieces)

Why learn to play the ukulele?

  • It’s fun and relaxing (relieves stress)
  • Playing the ukulele is EASY (no need to read music!)
  • Playing ukulele is the GATEWAY to other instruments if you wish
  • Learning an instrument makes you smarter and protects your brain against Alzheimers
  • Learn how to perform (if you wish) for friends, family, and more

What people say about my teaching style:

From 2010 to 2016ish, I was a hula hoop dance teacher, performer and mentor. I created my own online dance school curriculum (you can still find some of my hoop dance videos for sale here) and helped thousands of women (and several open minded men) worldwide change their lives through learning how to hoop dance.

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