Writing Samples

Writing Samples

Sarah Jordan’s Writing Samples


This Psychology and sales article I wrote in Derek Halpern’s voice was shared over 500 times. Derek Halpern liked it so much that he called me on the phone to tell me I nailed his voice! (Halpern was a Psychology and Sales Expert)

Workbook for Maru Iabichela’s Infinite Receiving Program

Another Workbook for Maru Iabichela’s Infinite Receiving Program


Email newsletter announcing a new high end coaching program for Maru Iabichela that over 100 people bought.

Email newsletter for business coach Maru Iabichela

Email newsletter for Maru Iabichela

Email newsletter for Maru Iabichela

This short but powerful  Book Bonus Email I wrote for Zelda Barrons (my pen name) has a 31% open rate. Mailchimp reports that the average open rate is 17.85%.


Sales page for Maru Iabichela’s Infinite Receiving Program

Sales Page for Author Bridge’s Writing Retreat


“Sarah Jordan is a gem! She made sure my sales pages for my coaching and my retreat in Kauai maintained my authentic voice while showing how each one will benefit my clients. As a result, I sold all of the packages! Sarah is a rare marketer with heart! I highly recommend Sarah for all of your writing and editing needs.” –Alla Petcheniouk, Alla Loves

“Sarah is an idea machine!! She’s a fantastic resource for people who are too busy to create their own content. When I needed an eBook to give away to my clients, Sarah delivered and helped me grow my business. She responds quickly and is so easy to work with.”-Nicole Miller, Nic Click Social

“Sarah works ultra fast…She had a few pages of suggestions for my website back to me within 24 hours. Sarah found a few typos and syntax errors that I missed. She even gave me suggestions on how to increase sales by implementing a waiting list and by putting my “Contact Us” buttons in a more visible spot on my website. I highly recommend Sarah for your proofreading needs.”- Stacie Maggio, Stacie’s Cake


Nicole Miller , Nic Click Social, Asheville, NC:

(865) 209-0427,nicole@nicclicksocial.com

I wrote an Ebook and many blog posts about social media marketing for Nicole a few years ago. I also did some social media work for her. She’s a good friend of mine here in Asheville.

Maru Iabichela, Infinite Receiving, Texas:

819-994-2200, maru.vzl@gmail.com

I’ve been writing for Maru on and off for about 2 years…everything from writing and editing newsletters to coaching content help. She’s an amazing lady and I love writing for her.

Crissy Depina


I’ve known Crissy since I was a Case Manager for adults with mental illnesses back in 2007. She is one of my closest friends who knows pretty much everything about me.

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