You’re In! Here’s the Goodies:

You’re In! Here’s the Goodies:

Your Honest AF Animal Wisdom Reading :

Rebel is reading from The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book.

20 Revealing Questions to Change Your Life and Luck FOREVER

Use these questions on your favorite oracle deck, tarot deck, or with The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book.

Be sure to keep track of all that wisdom in your journal or in one of these funny notebooks.

  1. What do I need to Know?
  2. What energy do I need to embody in order to reach my goal?
  3. What do I need to focus on today?
  4. What is the universe trying to show me that I’ve been ignoring until now?
  5. How can I be true to myself?
  6. Show me how to move forward in my career/biz?
  7. How can I strengthen my friendships and relationships?
  8. What habits do I need to break?
  9. Show me what to let go of?
  10. What lessons do I need to learn?
  11. How can I enjoy life more?
  12. What card/page represents me?
  13. What card/page represents my loved one/spouse/bff?
  14. How can I connect with my partner more?
  15. How can I love myself more?
  16. What are my best traits?
  17. What are the pros of X decision?
  18. What are the cons of X decision?
  19. What do I need to be more grateful for?
  20. What else do I need to know?


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What People Are Saying About The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book:

“This book is awesome! It’s hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time. The swear words are much appreciated and definitely appropriate these days. The drawings are colorful and whimsical, and I never knew I had so many spirit animals! This is a great gift for a loved one or even yourself.”- Claire

“I purchased the E Book as a gift and I also purchased the paper book for myself. It’s worth having the physical book for what it brings into your life.
First let me address these adorable little animal creations! They are unique and cute but don’t let that fool you. If you want straight talk without sugar coating… they are ready and waiting to tell you! My fear has held me back with life and work. Somehow when you get a real honest summary of what you need to do. It clicks.
You will absolutely smile if not LOL when you read each message bought to you. INCREDIBLE BOOK!” – H. True

“Some of the pages seemed to be directed at me. A fun book for anyone to read and it is very insightful.”- Joe Bruno

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