I Followed Oracle Card Guidance for a Week. This is What Happened


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I Followed Oracle Card Guidance for a Week. This is What Happened

Photo by Ahmed Badawy on Unsplash

In an effort to make January 2021 as magical as possible, I decided to follow oracle card guidance for a week. I was hoping to invite more synchronicities, more ease and more flow. I wanted my life to feel super FUN again.

For readers who skim, you can see each days’ results at the bottom of each day. And for everyone else, grab some tea and put your feet up. You’re in for a wild ride!

On The first day, I flipped to the penguin in the Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book. According to the book, the penguin represents a need for more variety and adventure.

“If you want to change your life, you have to actually change your life. Make a radical move and do it now!”

Over to you: Grab a free personalized numerology reading here.

Now if we weren’t in a pandemic, I’d take that as a sign to book a spa day immediately, which is something I’ve never done. But since that would require close physical contact, I decided it’s not a good idea since we’re still in a pandemic.

So the first thing I did after walking my dog and brushing my teeth was to eat some sourdough toast. My usual breakfast consists of almond butter and chocolate chips or some kind of paleo mug cake. So toast was vastly different for me.

chocolate cake
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

The outcome? I stayed pretty full until around 1:00 pm.

It was a rainy day. I hate the rain. So I went outside and danced in it. Just kidding! But I did walk my dog in the rain several times. I also stayed in my pajamas until around 2:00 pm for a change. I bathed in the afternoon and skipped washing my hair…

The outcome? I received a compliment on my hair from my husband, which is EXTREMELY rare. He’s not a jerk, but compliments are definitely not his love language.

Then, on one of my rain walks, I took a different way back to the house. As a result, I saw a huge turkey fly up into the trees. I had no idea turkeys could fly!

Day One Results: Nothing extremely life changing happened yet (that I know of), but I did receive a rare compliment and see a wild turkey fly. So that’s pretty cool. I also experienced a ton of synchronicities…it seemed like whatever I was thinking about (a song, a movie quote) appeared in my reality. Now that’s what I call manifesting.

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

On day two I was planning on using Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids and Dolphin’s oracle deck, but I had a visit from a REAL spirit animal instead.

As I was lying in bed trying to sleep in the morning, I heard our chickens clucking and squawking. So I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. To my surprise and delight, a huge deer was running near the chicken tunnel. The chickens must have thought it was a dog, which is their sworn enemy.

So I took the deer as my spirit animal message for the day. The deer represents being serene and peaceful. It’s about receptive, feminine energy, not pushing to get what you want. So I gave myself permission to go back to sleep. It doesn’t get more serene than that! My husband woke me up at 11am to make sure I was alive.

Throughout the day, I tried to embody the deer by talking less and listening more. As a result, I was flooded with ideas for articles, books and more. In fact, as I was working on a book cover, it felt like my hands couldn’t move as fast as my brain to get the ideas out. But I didn’t push, because the deer wouldn’t advise it.

Day two results: I saw a deer in my yard, caught up on sleep and became an IDEA MACHINE. My book sales were higher today than any other day since December 2020.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

On day three, I pulled the bat from my vintage Animal Medicine Cards, which I found at a thrift shop 5 years ago.

I ALWAYS pull the bat card! According to Sams and Carson, “bat embraces the idea of shamanistic death. It symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth pattern.”

What am I supposed to get rid of? What is no longer suiting me? Fear? Something else? Dust? I’m pretty minimalist as far as “stuff” goes. Living in a 720 square foot house will have that effect.

But I still decluttered like a mofo. I got rid of virtual clutter on my computer by deleting hundreds of old bookmarks, emails, and documents that I didn’t need. I even cleaned the toilet.

Last year I made a non-negotiable rule for myself: I don’t hang out with people I don’t like. So I feel I followed the bat’s advice in 2020 too.

Day three results: I felt lighter and more clear headed. I’m not sure I achieved the shaman’s ritualistic death, but I did what I could given my resources and understanding.

spirit animals
Photo by Geoff Brooks on Unsplash

On the 4th day, I used the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud (from the Labyrinth!) and Jessica Macbeth. This book came to me in one of those ADORABLE “little free libraries” a few years ago.

Immediately I turned to The Piper, which governs: music, order, harmony, seduction and empathy.

According to the book, “to get what you want, Piper recommends that you try polite requests and gentle, patient persuasion — and then wait, quietly welcoming, for it to come to you. Use tenderness and gentleness.”

Hello synchronicity! The piper sounds alot like the deer from The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book and The Animal Medicine Cards.

In order to take Piper’s advice, I had to figure out what I wanted. So I started rereading, “Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser.” I wrote down my goals and “the why” behind each one.

I followed my Intuition and pitched The World Divination Association my idea for this blog post you are reading right now. Obviously they said yes.

Day four results: Synchronicities galore. Received a positive response from The World Divination Association. My life is feeling easier.

sarah jordan

It feels like I’m in the zone or flow. Not just once in a blue moon, but every day.

On day five I felt called to use a divination technique called bibliomancy. Basically you pick up a book and ask a question. Then you flip to a random page to get your answer.

Today I asked, “what would you have me do?” and flipped to “ Make it Normal for You” in a book called Rich Witch by Zelda Barrons.

According to the book, I need to “go where successful authors go” to make being a successful author normal for me. Most of the authors I know go to coffee shops to write. It’s still quite “pandemic-y” outside and we are about to get hit with a snow storm, so that’ll have to wait.

  • Read the biography of an author I admire
  • Expand my social circle (may be tough during a pandemic, just saying)
  • Take an (online) class or read a book by someone I admire

Barrons gives pretty solid advice so far. Since I’m already rereading the book of an author I admire (Write it Down, Make it Happen), I decided to order a biography on my kindle.

Speaking of autobiographies, last year I read Betty White’s hilarious memoir. You should definitely read it.

By the way, after what felt like an eternity of browsing on Amazon, I decided to order: Maya Angelou: 365 Selected Truths on Love, Truth, and Happiness. It’s not a biography per se, but is filled with wisdom from a badass writer.

The first quote I saw was this one: “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” Done and done!

Day Five Results: I was in a GREAT MOOD like all day long. Maya Angelou’s quotes are super inspiring. I didn’t read the whole book yet because I was busy writing this article.

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

After several days of listening to wisdom from humans and faeries, I’m back to listening to animals, who are far cuter. I flipped to the dog in The Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book.

The dog is a reminder to, “be loyal to yourself and your goals above all else. Be a leader! Commit to fully pleasing yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s essential!”

That advice is something I can FULLY get behind. Today I vow to please myself. Get your mind out of the gutters. I had another paleo mug cake.

Later, I did something I rarely do: I had alcohol…in the form of a delicious glass of plum wine at a sushi restaurant. I was mega clumsy as a result (not grounded) but very giddy.

Later that night, I watched whatever I wanted on TV (Rupaul’s Drag Race). Can I get an Amen?

Day 6 Results: I indulged my senses. It felt really good. My mood was still really good, even in the middle of winter.

oracle cards
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

More synchronicities: I saw 4 sasquatch symbols (a cardboard cutout, stickers on the back on various cars)!! What could it mean?

According to this article, “Bigfoot symbolizes that which remains hidden, secrets, and the mysterious. Preferring isolation, they are an emblem of individuality and the desire to escape the herd mentality.” I can dig it!

It’s day 7, the last day of my experiment. Today I used Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, which is about The Secret Codes of The Universe.

I asked the book what I needed to know.

Then I turned to “Daydreams are urgings from your own subconscious, not merely wishes to be enjoyed than forgotten. These urgings originate from the wise angel of your higher self.”

If you’re like me, you probably daydream ALL THE TIME. Apparently my higher self is VERY talkative. I’m going to journal more so I can separate the urgings of my subconscious from all the noise.

Some of my seemingly random daydreams early this morning:

  • Should I start my own publishing company and help other people publish their books?
  • Or collaborate with a bunch of people on one book (like Chicken Soup for the Soul but with an edge)?
  • Reread Amanda Hockings’ book on my kindle (you can call me an avid “re-reader”)
  • Write a story about my Dad seeing ghosts in the antique mirror my mom bought.

I’m going to let those daydreams percolate for a bit before I act on them because I don’t want my plate to be too full.

I’m more in tune with my thoughts and daydreams. It feels like I’m paying more attention to the opportunities that are all around me, if I only just stop and listen (like the deer). Synchronicities galore are my new normal.

The Final Results of my Experiment:

Did my life change drastically? Maybe not in a huge way, but I feel happier and more content. I’m more aware and seem to be pulling in a lot more ideas and “downloads” from the universe or whatever you want to call them. And so I’m going to continue the daily oracle card or book pull each morning.

Over to you: Do you have a daily oracle card practice? What’s your favorite deck or oracle book? Do you believe in Spirit Animals? Why or why not?

law of attraction
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Originally published at https://www.worlddivinationassociation.com on January 12, 2021.

Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress


Sweet Child O Mine Cover and a Work in Progress

My Dad just had open heart surgery a few days ago. Thankfully it all went smoothly and he will be going home shortly! So I wanted to cover a special song for him for Father’s Day.

What 80’s kid doesn’t LOVE Guns N’ Roses?! So I had to turn this ordinarily gritty song into a slower, more relaxing song.

Chad wasn’t home to star in this video so it’s missing the incredible electric guitar licks and sound quality that Guns N’ Roses (and The Loverfaces) are known for.

Here’s a fun outtake…I would have kept this shot of my pet chicken Clucky in the video, but our neighbors started mowing their lawn and it was super loud.

female vocalist Asheville

Fun outtake from the music video (Sarah Jordan with pet chicken Clucky)

I recorded “Sweet Dad of Mine” on my cell phone and spliced the videos together using good old Windows Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy it!

Work in Progress

I’ve been incredibly tired and burnt out…and hiding from my canvas and paint for several months. I have, however, been drawing my dreams consistently. More on that later.

I also made a hoop dance video for the first time in several years.

Yesterday I caught a burst of inspiration and sketched on a canvas.

Sweet Child O Mine Cover

AVL artist and musician Sarah Jordan with a work in progress

I will paint the canvas by next week…I spent most of today playing music, filming and editing that video (and most of yesterday trying to learn the song, ha ha).

Anyway, here’s the work in progress…it’s a surreal chicken portrait. More to come.

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

Work in progress by AVL artist Sarah jordan

GNR Cover female vocal

Sarah Jordan with work in progress painting

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Get new songs by email, it’s free and FUN.

PS. Last week The Loverfaces covered The Golden Girls Theme Song:

The Golden Girls In Asheville: Thank You for Being a Friend


Thank You For Being a Friend by The Loverfaces

We learned The Golden Girls Theme Song “Thank You For Being a Friend” for our friend Ashley.

We decided to make the video extra special by dressing as the sweet and spicy Sophia Patrillo (played by Estelle Getty) and man-hungry Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan) because:

  1. Sophia is most like me ( she is tiny and looks sweet, but WATCH OUT!)
  2. My David Bowie mullet wig looks similar to Blanche’s hair (if you use your imagination)
  3. I love any excuse to dress Chad in my clothes 🙂

Thanks for watching, sharing and laughing with us.

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Get new songs by email, it’s free and FUN.

Three Original Songs by The Loverfaces


Three Original Songs by The Loverfaces, Asheville Indie Music Duo

In The Garden by The Loverfaces

I (Sarah) wrote this song:

  • to write a song in the style of Chad and…
  • because I started gardening during quarantine…I felt like it was the one thing I felt like nobody could control, destroy or steal from me. Because prior to quarantine, I had a thriving pet sitting business and I miss my dog friends like crazy. Prior to quarantine, I had a thriving corporate entertainment business as an artist. Although I don’t miss that one as much ;), I wrote this song because nobody can take my garden away.

Fly with Me

Chad wrote Fly with Me (with help from me). We had spent the day at the playground jumping off swings. Then we watched The Neverending Story. And Fly with Me was born!
About Secret Ghost aka Beetlejuice

One day Chad walked into our room and I was standing there naked in the dark about to get dressed. Chad literally screamed! He later told me that he thought I was a ghost. We had recently watched Beetlejuice so I was inspired to write a song about it.

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo made up of married couple Sarah Jordan and Chad Jordan.  Get new songs by email, it’s free and FUN.

The Loverfaces Live FB Mini Concert Asheville


The Loverfaces Live FB Mini Concert Asheville

We (The Loverfaces) performed a live mini concert on Facebook from our living room a few weeks ago…here’s the video below:

The Loverfaces are an Asheville indie music duo known for our unforgettable vocal harmonies and entertainment value. We love what we do and your guests will too!

Song Credits for the Above Video:

  • Myth by Beachhouse
  • You Don’t Know How it Feels by Tom Petty
  • Come Pick me Up by Ryan Adams
  • Pendulum by Chad Jordan

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The Loverfaces Asheville

Now Booking in Asheville

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The Loverfaces covering Space Oddity by David Bowie


The Loverfaces covering Space Oddity by David Bowie (Flashback Post)

Here’s what people are saying about The Loverfaces:

The Loverfaces

You guys are so sweet!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I learned how to play Space Oddity by David Bowie! Consider this a flashback post 🙂

Fun fact: Chad taught me how to play Space Oddity during a road trip to Pennsylvania. We are an indie band located in Asheville, NC.

Most people who know me know that I LOOOOVE David Bowie…and I have loved Bowie ever since I was like 5 years old and saw him in The Labyrinth.

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Sarah Jordan Asheville



My Best Advice: Too Good Not to Share here


Yesterday I caught inspiration fever and sent out a newsletter sharing what I thought was my best advice.

Here’s what people said about it:

Sarah Jordan Asheville

Sarah Jordan Asheville

My Best Advice

The world needs your gifts and what you have to offer. You are already good enough.

Perfectionism is the highest form of self-abuse. Although you should strive for excellence, staying invisible and waiting to be “perfect” is a huge disservice to the people who need you.

For example, in 2010 I decided I was already good enough and READY, so I started teaching my own hoop dance classes at a local library. The Classes took off like gangbusters.

I was so in-demand that I created an online course in an attempt to keep up with the demand.

And although I sold my website and have pivoted and changed directions since then, it feels pretty darn good to know that I’ve impacted thousands and thousands of people worldwide with my courses and books (not to mention all the amazing things my students have done: they’ve collectively taught thousands of students themselves) because I had the guts to think that I was already good enough.

You see there is no ready fairy. if you’re waiting until you feel ready to do the thing, you’re going to be waiting forever.

You don’t have to be perfect. You only have to be “better than” your first student.

Don’t be afraid to PIVOT…You don’t have to be married to one job, one career, one passion. You can be MANY different things if you wish.

My husband Chad is a perfectionist when it comes to music. but I deemed myself good enough to play at his level long before he ever agreed with me. Now we have a real band (The Loverfaces) together!

Chad believes that we shouldn’t put any videos out unless if they are absolutely perfect. Let me tell you I put out my own content on the regular and it is far from perfect and because of that I have received:

+ Invitations to perform at events

Sarah Jordan Asheville

+ Invitations to be professionally recorded and to go on podcasts and interviews
+ Incredibly sweet & helpful praise from people who LOVE my music, even though it’s not perfect

Sarah Jordan
+Invitations to teach
+ The satisfaction of proving people wrong 😉

And I am far from perfect!

Date your ideas (this advice I learned from Maru Iabichela). you’re allowed to change your mind!

Two and a half years ago Chad bought me a ukulele for Christmas. And then his band broke up. So I brainwashed myself into believing that playing an instrument was easy for me. And it became easy!

Don’t get me wrong there were nights where my brain was hurting…. but I persisted because I had a vision and a goal….I wanted to be in a “serious band” with Chad.

And I wanted to sing at his level. So I sang to the dogs I pet sit for every day. Now I sing to my pet chickens.

Side note: Chad has been playing instruments and in a real bands for decades longer than me. He sings like a freaking angel. But I DID IT! Because I brainwashed myself into believe I could.

And when quarantine is over, we are going to perform all over Asheville.

You see, up until a few years ago, I always thought I was just “a dancer” and an artist. I thought that music was my sister’s gift and that I wasn’t skilled in that way or think that I could to be good at that too.

But I was wrong. Learning to play an instrument was for me too. And it was one of the best darn decisions I ever made.

You can have it too. Stop waiting for readiness, perfection or some other made up bs excuse. You deserve joy now.

<3, Sarah

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Little Sebastian Mouse Rat Cover by The Loverfaces


Chad and I re-watched Parks and Rec for the 2nd time a few months ago. So we had to cover Little Sebastian (5000 Candles in the wind) by Mouse Rat.

Watch Little Sebastian Mouse Cover by The Loverfaces below

Little Sebastian was an adorable mini horse on Parks and Rec. Andy’s character sang this song about Little Sebastian in one of the episodes.

If you’re craving more behind-the-scenes action and more frequent virtual concerts from The Loverfaces, check out our Patreon.

I’m a visual artist as well as a musician, so I’m going to be adding The Loverfaces MERCH (yes, band merch!) to my shop featuring our one-of-a-kind art on totebags, pins, t-shirts and other necessities.

In other The Loverfaces news, we will be doing some House Concerts in Asheville after quarantine ends. Woohoo! Join our free monthly e-zine (it’s free) to find out where and when we will play next! I also send out fun surprises…once a month.

For booking and other q’s, contact us here.

Fly with Me into the Eye


Last year Chad and I wrote a song called Fly with Me. Last night we (The Loverfaces) performed the song (and many others) for a home concert via Facebook.

Fly with Me by The Loverfaces

This is the wooden sign I painted for our concert:

Art and Music Asheville

The Loverfaces sign by Sarah Jordan

And Chad drew this picture to go with our song:

Fly with Me The Loverfaces

Fly with Me by The Loverfaces

Normally there would be an adorable dog or two jumping on us but since we are quarantined, we are on a forced break from pet sitting. I miss my dog friends so much!

In the meantime, I have been singing to my pet chickens…

Of course I painted their portraits too:

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7 Things I Learned About Selling and Persuasion From The Girl Scouts

7 Things I Learned About Selling and Persuasion From The Girl Scouts

I originally wrote this post for Derek Halpern (in his voice) in 2014 when I interviewed to be his junior copywriter. He called me and told me I nailed his voice.

This article also:

  • was shared thousands of times when I posted it on Steemit 4 years ago
  • earned me over $600 from Steemit
  • more importantly earned me #streetcred from Derek Halpern (The OG Social Triggers Marketing Guru)
  • was ripped off, plagiarised and reposted as someone else’s content countless times

Here we go:

I had an interesting talk with a Girl Scout the other day. She was quite the hustler!

You see, I’ve never really given Girl Scout cookie sales tactics much thought before.

I just assumed that because the cookies are only available once a year — like the McRib — that people wait for them. And when they see a Girl Scout who has their favorite cookie, they buy a box.

But then I got to thinking, is there more to it than that?

That same day, I heard about a Girl Scout who sold over 20,000 boxes of cookies in one month!

So I HAD to know. How did she do it? And can we use the same techniques to increase sales too?

So I did a little research, and what I found will astound you.

In this article, you’ll learn the 7 tactics the Girl Scouts use to sell more cookies. And how you can use the same techniques to sell more of YOUR products and services, in ANY industry.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use this to your advantage…so you can take this information, apply it, and increase YOUR sales and conversions too.

Twas mid February and, the snow in Pennsylvania was deeper than James Earl Jones’ voice.

My stomach growled as I hopped out of my car. I made the transition from sidewalk to slippery parking lot.

Then I noticed a little girl dressed in green from head to toe.

She looked about 10 years old. She was behind a card table, which was piled high with cookie boxes, stacked like little Jenga towers.

A colorful handmade sign told me that she was selling Girl Scout cookies.

She wore her red hair in two ponytails. Her uniform was covered in badges. She wore a named tag that said Desiree.

The first thought that ran through my mind was this: “Corporations using little girls to sell junk food using scarcity tactics.”

But then I decided I was going to do what smart people do: I pushed my assumptions aside and tried to learn a thing or two from this pint-sized salesperson.

I made eye contact to see what she would do.

“Excuse me sir, do you like cookies?” A smile spread across her little face. Desiree practically squealed. She was EXCITED about what she was selling.

Not only is she ENGAGING with me before attempting to sell (People SKILLS for the win :-D) but her excitement was contagious.

Studies show that strong emotions are actually contagious. The real name for this is actually “Emotional Contagion” 1

So you better be pretty damn excited with what YOU are selling. Because if not, how do expect your customers to get excited about it?

After Desiree asked me if I liked cookies, I thought, “Who doesn’t like cookies!” Then I realized what she was doing.

If I say, “Yes, I like cookies,” I will act like it…and buy a box of cookies.


Because I don’t want to look like a liar!

This is known as the principle of Commitment and Consistency. Robert Cialdini talks about this is his book, Influence: Science and Practice.3 This principle states that “once we make a choice or take a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment.”

We persuade ourselves we made the right choice. We do this by acting in ways that are consistent with it.

We do this because consistency is a valuable trait. Being inconsistent is seen as a negative trait. If we’re inconsistent, we’ll be banned from the tribe. We’ll die alone, surrounded by cats.

So it’s HUMAN NATURE to want to be consistent.

Now, I’m a generous guy, and cookies are cheap. But I wanted to see what Desiree would say when I gave her a soft no.

So I said, “Listen, I love cookies. But I’m watching my figure.”

In response, Desiree gave me two alternatives.

And she turned my “soft no” into a YES!

This is how she did it:

“Well sir, do you know of any friends who might need some cheering up? I bet they might like a box of cookies. I’m selling them so that I can go to camp. Because I’m paying for it all by myself.”

Oh man! Showing the benefits AND helping out friends. I really liked this Girl Scout!

Who could say no to that?

Plus, she said the magic word: BECAUSE.

One Harvard study 3 proved that you if use the word “because”, followed by a reason, you can say almost whatever you want after it. The word “because” makes people more likely to agree with you or do what you say.

First, Desiree showed me that I could buy the cookies without eating them myself.

Then, she pointed out how I could make a friend feel better if I did that.

Third, selling cookies wasn’t just about selling junk food to hungry people…she gave me a compelling reason to buy these sugary treats.

So I wasn’t just getting the cookies. I was helping Desiree do something valuable.

I was practically drooling while eyeing up the Thin Mints and Samoas, imagining what kind of vegan ice cream to eat them with later. Before I had the chance to answer, Desiree said,

If you’d rather not buy cookies today, you can leave a donation in this jar here. Even a penny will help.

Robert Cialdini did a study that shows charities get more donations when they say, “even a penny will help.” Or “even a dollar will help.”4

The reason is because people are afraid to seem cheap! So instead of donating a small amount, they donate NOTHING!

But when we make small donations okay, people feel good about it. So they comply.


Desiree’s sales skills were on point!

Finally, I said, I’ll tell you what? Give me 10 boxes. And here’s $20 for your jar. Have fun in camp.

“Oh My God, Thank You!!” Desiree quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She was jumping up and down like she had just won the lottery, rattling all the boxes on the table.

I was so impressed with Desiree, that on the cab ride home, I researched Girl Scouts sales training programs on my phone.

As I was googling, I got a personalized “Thank You” eCard from Desiree.

Here’s how The Girl Scouts turn little girls into cookie selling ninjas.

You can use these same techniques to sell more of your services and products too.

Before the Girl Scouts are allowed to sell cookies, they go through training. It’s pretty intense for the average 8 year old!

They learn all about the 8 types of cookies, down to the names, main flavors and ingredients.

So when potential customers ask questions, they are armed with answers.

You might think you know your own products and services inside and out…but you might suffer from the curse of knowledge.

If you suffer from the curse of knowledge, you use jargon that only an expert in your field would use…so your customers don’t relate to you or understand what you are offering.

If they don’t understand your offer or how they can benefit from it, they don’t buy it!

Next, the Girls Scouts are encouraged to set goals and measure their progress. What gets measured gets improved. And public commitments are lasting commitments…. again that ties in with us wanting to be consistent.

Are you measuring your progress or growth each month? I encourage you to keep track of your social media stats and your email list numbers in a spreadsheet. It’s pretty easy to do.

After setting goals, Girl Scouts are encouraged to create a plan for reaching their goal.

And you should too. Otherwise, how are you going to reach your goal?

Ask yourself, how many services and products would you need to sell to reach your goal? And how will you do it? Write it all down. That’s your plan.

Incentives and recognition are given to Girl Scouts based on the amount of cookies they sell. They can win badges and other rewards like stuffed animals, gift cards, trophies and trips to theme parks.

This is eerily similar to affiliate marketing…. and a REALLY smart way to get people to spread the word for you.

Do you reward your super fans for sending business to you? If not, you should! I can recommend an awesome book that shows you exactly how to do that.

Next the Girl Scouts learn how to sell online. They learn to leverage marketing with email, texting, and social media. They even have their own website and apps for selling cookies.

Could you imagine how much bigger your fan base would be if you had this Girl Scouts training 20 years ago?

The lesson: Make it super easy for people to buy from you!

Make sure people know about you and all the benefits they’ll get from working with you. And leverage the power of the internet! Especially email marketing. Because as we say on the internets, The money is in the list!

When Forbes Magazine asked Katie Francis (the 12 year old who sold a record breaking 20,000 boxes of cookies in a month) how she did it, she mentioned leveraging her time as the #1 method.

How will you leverage your time? Can you take one of your services and turn it into an online course?

Having an online course to sell is like having a clone!

When people buy 5 or more boxes of cookies, they are entered to win a year’s worth of their favorite cookies. So when someone wants to buy 3 boxes, a smart girl scout would mention the 5 box promo. This is called upselling.

How can YOU upsell to your customers? Customers are more likely to buy more at the checkout. That’s why when you buy a suit, you end up rationalizing adding on a tie and cuff links too. Might as well! This is the “Foot in the Door principle” at its finest.

Next the Girl Scouts learn how to set up booths. This is to sell in person, not just on the internet.

Selling in person requires people skills, something you absolutely NEED.

One time at a conference, some guy actually shoved his business card in my mouth! Do you think I was falling all over myself to buy from him?

Hell no!

Don’t be that guy!

The next thing the Girl Scouts are taught is this:

“Ask people who bought cookies from you last year.” This is the concept of going after “low-hanging fruit.”

In fact, your current customers are way more likely to buy from you. In fact, 80% of your revenue will come from just 20% of your customers. This is the 80/20 rule aka The Pareto Principle.

Finally, Girl Scouts learn the importance of Saying thank you.

Have you done anything to thank your customers lately? Provide VALUE. Don’t just give out chintzy freebies.

I’d hate to spend all of 2 minutes on a crappy video and have you say this:

Instead, you really want to give something worthwhile, because you want your prospects to watch your free stuff and think, “Wow! Imagine what their paid products are like if they give this awesome stuff out for free.”

So that’s what you can learn from the Girl Scouts.

Now I want to hear from you:

Which of these persuasion tactics are YOU going to use first? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


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How to Reinvent Yourself in 2021

How to Reinvent Yourself in 2021

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? Wake up in a new career, job or hobby?

A few months ago, one of my friends told me she thought I made reinventing myself look really easy.

a neon sign that says change
Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Honestly, change is hard! Even good change, but since I’ve reinvented myself so many times, it has gotten easier over the years.

Here are my 5 tried and true steps to reinventing yourself:

  1. First you have to decide what it is you want your new and improved life to look like. Grab a notebook and write what you would do during your ideal day.

Can’t decide what you want? Envy is a good clue. Think of who you envy in your life. When does the little green eyed monster appear for you? Envy means that someone has something you want.

For example, over a decade ago, when I was a Case Manager for adults with mental illnesses, I envied my friend’s sister who was a makeup artist. So I became one…for a few years.

a woman trying to make you jealous
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Shortly after that, when people told me they wished they had my job as a hoop dancer, I created tons of hoop dance resources including videos, training courses and more. At least until I quit and was onto the next thing, which for a time was pet sitting and corporate face painting (until the pandemic hit). Then I focused on writing books.

2. Create an alter ego. Sometimes the idea of a whole new “title” for yourself can be scary. That’s why I recommend creating an alter ego for yourself.

For example, When I was writing my Honest AF Animal Wisdom Book, I was worried that my love of curse words might make some people mad…and it caused me to hold back. Until I realized I wasn’t writing it for people who felt offended by my words. My alter ego was SUPER CONFIDENT, did not hold back, and she wasn’t shy about sharing her blazing effing throat chakra…which my ideal readers found super hilarious and inspiring.

a man holding up a skull mask
Photo by Syarafina Yusof on Unsplash

3) Dip your toes in. Once you’ve decided what you want to try you, whether it’s a new side hustle (highly recommend James Altucher’s amazing book for this) or job or whatever, then slowly dip your toes in.

You don’t have to quit your job and give yourself 100% to your new thing. Maru Iabichela calls this “dating an idea”…meaning, you can just try it out for a bit. And if you don’t LOVE it after a few weeks, no big deal. Try something else.

a notepad and pencil next to crumpled up pages
Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash

4) Use Discernment: Be careful about who you share your new venture with. Well- meaning family and friends will not always support you. Some people who love you will: dampen your passion, project their fears onto you in the name of protection, criticize your efforts, etc.

My mentor, Denise Duffield Thomas taught me that being criticized is a rite of passage. So like Terry Crews says, get criticized!

What do you do if you friends and family think what you’re into is stupid or won’t work out? Tell someone else! Find LIKE-MINDED people who will support you.

cat in a bird house
Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

5) Declutter like a mofo: Once you are head over heels in LOVE with your new thing, declutter the stuff in your life that holds you back from doing it. Sometimes after you get clear about what you want, the universe will declutter stuff for you!

For example, I’d been wanting to cut back on face painting or at least branch out into some other form of art for a few years. And the pandemic decluttered face painting for me…probably forever. So I learned how to draw caricatures. Adapt to your situation!

declutter tidying up sign
Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

6) Dive In: After you complete the first 5 steps, dive in and EMBRACE your new identity. You don’t have to get rid of everything from your old life…but make sure you create space for the new.

Karma is a Beagle

Karma is a Beagle

“We’re almost there”, my Dad said as the car hugged the steep, winding road without guardrails. My stomach did a flip. You could see straight down the cliff next to the road. My mom’s stress was palpable. Of course you could also hear it because she yelled at my Dad to “slow down!” the entire way.

slow down sign mountains
Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

We were going to Dad’s new friend John’s house. The house was located on the far side of the big Island of Hawaii. My family lived in Kona, Hawaii at the time. I was 7 or 8 years old.

Usually when Hawaii comes to mind, you might think of tropical beaches, crystal blue water and palm trees. But John’s place was remote. It reminded me of the Stephen King horror movies I had seen on TV.

scary woods
Photo by Bart Zimny on Unsplash

“Oh my God! This is like Texas Chainsaw Massacre!,” my mom shrieked, pointing to dozens of animal skulls lining the roof of the house. John was a hunter. A chill crept up my spine as I ran past the terrifying pig skulls.

I don’t remember much about the inside of John’s home. What I remember is the many dogs in the pen in their backyard (and the creepy neon pink hot dogs we were served for lunch). I don’t remember what the dogs looked like, but I remember feeling sorry for them. I felt that they were sad in the cage. And so I did what any sensitive, animal lover would do.

cute dog
Photo by James Barker on Unsplash

The gleaming silver latch on the cage glinted in the sun. This latch was calling to me to open it. I felt magnetized to it. I imagined the dogs free and happy. And so I made it happen. I lifted the latch, which felt cool in my hand. The door squeaked open and the dogs bolted out of the cage. I still remember them sprinting past me, free at last.

I love dogs and still do. I had no idea that the dogs in the pen were hunting dogs. I didn’t know they were supposed to be kept in their pen. I also didn’t know that the family’s beloved pet chickens were roaming the yard.

pet chickens
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Of course, you can probably guess what happened soon after I let the dogs out. We all heard screams and clucking as we pretended to eat our strange mystery meat. It turns out John’s kids were screaming as they watched the dogs eat all of their pet chickens.

Karma is a Beagle…

Fast forward to today. Chad and I downsized to a smaller house in Marshall, NC. We moved last year. To our delight, this house came with 5 pet chickens in a little coop outside. Chad insisted on letting the chickens free range during the day. “We need a fence!” I kept insisting.

Listen to your Intuition!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

The chickens would walk around our property eating bugs all day. We would put them away in their cage at night. I knew (and kept telling Chad) that we needed a fence to keep predators out. There are bears, coyotes, raccoons and other animals lurking around. But I wasn’t expecting one of my favorite animals to be a predator.

cute raccoon
Photo by Successfully Canadian on Unsplash

On Saturday I startled awake. “Get out! Hey! Get out!” Chad was yelling outside. I could hear our new chickens clucking and crying. And dogs barking. “Uh oh” I thought as I took a deep breath in bed. Chad didn’t run up the stairs and tell me what had happened. So I figured that the chickens were lost and he was looking for them.

And then there were three…

I was right. As I ate my gluten-free pancakes, Chad walked in the front door and looked at me. “I’m really sorry. Two beagles had come running after the chickens out of nowhere. They had collars on and one of them looks like a puppy. Two of the chickens are gone.”

I was eerily calm. Shockingly, I didn’t get upset. Instead I pendulum dowsed the chickens’ locations like I learned in Psychic Detective class. I saw Spooky (our smallest chicken) at the bottom of the hill.

psychic detective skills
Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

The Chickens Return

Of course chickens can move, but the pendulum pointed toward the bottom of our pompous grass field. So Chad went out there with coconut oil to lure them back to their coop. About 20 minutes later, Chad came in with a smile on his face. “I went down near the greenhouse and I didn’t see the chickens there. But when I walked back up to their Coop, they were outside of it waiting to go in.”

So naturally we went to Lowe’s and got materials to build a fence for the chickens. However, Chad has to insulate the well first because it’s going down to 11 degrees tonight. It’s currently snowing. Did I mention it was almost 70 degrees yesterday afternoon? Chad has been working nonstop on house projects (and his day job) so this has been a stressful few weeks for us.

The Marhsall Horror

That said, we love our house. With the exception of the flies that love the octagon window in our bedroom. I mentioned I enjoy exploring the paranormal and horror. Well, last year, even though I knew I was moving into a new house, I made the dumb decision to read the Amityville horror.

Is this place haunted?

haunted house
Photo by Tandem X Visuals on Unsplash

The house in the Amityville story had a huge problem with flies, even in the winter. I’m talking like thousands of them! I’ve never been a fan of flies, especially that horrible blood-curdling noise they make. So I fought back. At first I stood on our bed and threw Chad’s balled up socks at the flies. (Sorry Chad, he he). But they wouldn’t even budge.

So then I used packing tape to attach a flyswatter to our Swiffer. These flies aren’t like ordinary flies that fly away when anything comes near them. These flies are in LOVE with this window, to the extent that they will not move off of it even when socks are being thrown at them. These flies are also eerily slow. So slow that and they let us kill them with this homemade fly killing contraption. I thought we got them all yesterday. There were about five.

But today there are at least four more flies circling the window. Sure, we live further into the country now. But we were pretty much in the woods before. The only difference is that instead of flies in our old house, we had wasps. I’ll take the flies, as long as its place isn’t haunted.

8 Lessons I learned from Working on Psychic Hotlines

8 Lessons I learned from Working on Psychic Hotlines

For the last few years, I’ve worked on a Psychic hotline reading tarot cards for on a part-time basis under a pen name. And I still work on the Psychic app when I feel like it.

If you are intuitive, an Empath or wanting to start your own spiritual business, read on for my 8 life saving tips.

This post contains affiliate links and I may get a bonus at no extra cost to you.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash


Without boundaries, you won’t last in any business, job or relationship, let alone thrive. Boundaries are for you, about what you will and won’t do or accept from others. “These people will destroy you if you don’t have boundaries.”- Psychic Frank Andrews



Get super clear about why you are doing what you do. If you are trying to get a sense of worth from your business, work or clients, you will be unbalanced. Not only is this terrible for you but people can tell and will be repelled by you.

balancing on one foot with a sunset


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


Intuition is real and has saved my life more times than I can count, in every day life and in my tarot readings. Not listening to your intuition can be downright deadly in daily life.

If you don’t listen to your intuition in business, you will work with the wrong people (and get shoddy results). Luckily, intuition is like a muscle and you can work on being more intuitive and psychic (although I wouldn’t even call it work because it’s fun!).

intuition heart


Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash


This comes from The Four Agreements and it applies to any sort of business, especially a spiritual business. You don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s life, so don’t assume their mood/action/behavior is about you.


Once again, any time you work with the public, this lesson applies. Don’t take on other people’s crap, burdens, moods. Psychic protection and cleansing are essential. Plant or buy some sage and use it to cleanse your space.


Any time you blame someone else, you make yourself a victim and give them power over you. Don’t let someone else’s beliefs/moods/words control you.

powerful woman


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Joy has always been my most effective marketing tool, no matter what business I was building. As a result, I have always been pretty successful. Don’t chase clients, money, or fame. Do what makes you happy and let them come to you. People can feel vibrations or vibes. Joy makes you magnetic. Stop hustling and start flowing.

joy makes you successful


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


I knew this from my former career as a mental health counselor but I see proof of it everyday. There is another epidemic going on. It’s a lack of self love. Those who suffer from this affliction are usually people pleasers who let other people push them around. These people have an emptiness within that they try to fill with a partner (this doesn’t work to fill the void because their potential partners are repelled by their neediness).



Photo by James Hammond on Unsplash

Due to this emptiness, many people (especially women), fall prey to what I am calling “twin flame syndrome.” This is the belief that they must jump through hoops, chase their person of interest, and lay down like door mats while their so-called “twin flame” is either ghosting them, avoiding them, abusing them or cheating on them.

The truth: Someone who loves you won’t treat you like dog poo. Can I get an Amen?

Small Mediums at Large Book Review: Memoirs of a Psychic Tarot Reader

Small Mediums at Large Book Review: Memoirs of a Psychic Tarot Reader


This post contains affiliate links.

This haunting memoir by Terry Iacuzzo vividly shows the reader what it’s like to grow up in a family of Psychics. From synchronized nose bleeds to get out of school, seances in the basement, to reading Tarot cards for thousands of celebrities in New York, Iacuzzo spills it all.

psychic medium
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Terry’s family is an odd bunch. Her sister, Rosemary is a natural born medium who also has the gift of Psychometry (reading objects). Terry’s petulant brother, Frank (her “real mother”) is a gifted psychic who introduces her to Tarot Cards, which she uses to gain popularity with her classmates.

tarot cards
Photo by Soulful Stock on Unsplash

All the neighborhood women gathered in the Iacuzzo’s kitchen so Terry’s mother could tell them whose husband was being faithful (and whose wasn’t). Terry’s Father could predict horse racing winners.

Terry takes readers from her childhood home to New York, where she has many drug- fueled experiences, dysfunctional friendships and failed relationships. Terry’s life is described as unusual, but readers will relate to her coming-of-age struggles and family drama. Terry’s mother is cold to Terry, yet obsessed with Frank. Terry’s father doesn’t know how to react to Frank’s blatantly obvious homosexuality. While some readers may doubt the validity of Terry’s paranormal tales, the story was gripping and unforgettable.

Mediums: Psychics and Psychedelics

In this section you can see how obsessed Terry’s mother is with Frank, Terry’s brother. Terry describes moving out of her childhood home to New York. You will read all about Terry’s many drug trips, friendships and failed relationships. You’ll laugh and empathize about her odd jobs. And you’ll cheer for Terry when you see her reinventing herself and stepping into her power as a psychic.

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

At Large

The last section of the book is also the shortest. This is where you get to experience life through The eyes of Terry as an empowered psychic and Tarot reader. You’ll read all about Terry’s apartment in Little Italy, New York. This is where thousands of people have climbed five flights to consult with Terry.

You will see Terry in action reading for clients. I was so intrigued reading about how she saw actual death in the cards- the sun, the fool, the star, the world, all the freedom cards- but didn’t recognize it until later.

the death card in tarot
Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

The Living Tarot:

Terry says she sees “the living tarot” everywhere. I love this term! I’ve noticed that after I really dove into the tarot, I started seeing living representations of the cards in my ‘real life’ too. For example, a pair of nude swimmers in the river was “the lovers” card. And the old silo on the farm nearby is the perfect representation of “the tower” card.

The Good

This book grabbed me because it was a no holds barred peek into Terry’s entire life. It was interesting, educational and at times hysterical. Small Mediums at Large made me feel a little bit less like a weirdo.

I could relate to Terry and her struggles and her story. She is so brave to be so vulnerable.

Not so Good

I didn’t like the fact that Terry had no boundaries. Therefore she continued to think about her clients problems for months or years after reading tarot for them. This is really not healthy. If you are a newbie into the metaphysical reading this book, you may pick up some bad habits.

Of course when Terry was a child, there was no such thing as “psychic protection”. And YouTube or the internet was not invented yet. So I can’t fault Terry for not knowing at the time. However, I have seen some recent interviews with Terry. And she suggests going into readings without an ounce of protection or grounding, in order to feel everything. While I agree you should not numb yourself, you will get super drained, sick or worse if you don’t protect yourself and therefore deeply feel and experience everyone else’s crap.

poop emoji
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

I am, of course, speaking from experience. In my past career as a case worker for adults with mental illnesses, I was a wide open clairsentient empath. I knew nothing about boundaries or psychic protection.

As a result, I completely absorbed clients’ thoughts, feelings and pain. And then I would faint around them because it was so overwhelming! A head injury ended my career as a case manager in 2010. Of course, now I’m grateful because I wouldn’t be where I am now if that didn’t happen then. But at the time, it was a very traumatic lesson to learn. Boundaries are your friend! Especially when doing any sort of Psychic work.

Aside from that, I highly recommend the book. (Buy the book here)

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Photo by Kourosh Qaffari on Unsplash

This post contains affiliate links.